ESC in Coordinadora de Barrios – Spain


Dates: 10 December 2021 – 9 November 2022

Venue: Murcia, Spain

Programme, action: European Solidarity Corps – long-term volunteering

Hosting organisation: Coordinadora de Barrios


Coordinadora de Barrios where my ESC volunteering project took place is an NGO focused on inclusion of immigrants coming from Maghreb, mostly from Morocco. Murcia is the second spanish region with the highest number of immigrants coming from Morocco.
Coordinadora de Barrios is mostly focused on education of Moroccan children and women. My tasks were very diverse but I was mostly charged to organise and implement Spanish language lessons for the women attending Coordinadora de Barrios.
Many of the women from El Palmar haven´t been afforded the access to education, don´t know how to write or just don´t know how to communicate with authorities or doctors. My task was to teach them as much as I could during the one year to help them to become more independent. As the communication with the doctors is crucial for them, most of the activities was connected with the medical vocabulary, first aid course or discussion about prevention of deasease.
ESC project is unique programme by providing the opportunity to carry out up 20% of the volunteering in another establishment. I complemented my ESC activities at Bolivia Consulate in Murcia helping out with cultural events organized by the Consulate.
ESC offeres infinity of possibilities for young people across the Europe. It gives us space to reflect about next steps in the professional life and I would definitely suggest to everybody use this opportunity.
During the whole stay I was fully supported by Noemí and Euroacción on the spanish side and Jakub Miklín from the sending organization. I would like to sincerely thank to both of them for huge and ceaseless support.

Kristýna Liptáková


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