Essentials of Advanced Interpersonal Skills – Hungary


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training course

Venue: Felsőtárkány, Hungary

Dates: 12-20 March 2016

Participants: Martin Kubiš, Denisa Králová, Hana Reslová

Please read the info-pack & daily programme. Please also read the dissemination leaflet

Participating countries: Czech Republic, Turkey, Spain, Romania, Portugal, Bulgaria, Italy, Hungary

Hosting organisation: MOSTart NKKE

Project report: 

Essentials AIS (Advanced Interpersonal Skills) training course brought together group of 24 participants to Felsőtárkány – small village in the north-east part of Hungary, close to Eger city. There were 3 people from each country – Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Turkey and the Czech Republic. There were two trainers, who were responsible for the program and 2 members of Hungarian organization “Most”, which came up with this project. Project took place in a hotel on the outskirts of the village and lasted for 8 days.

Main aim of the project was to give us useful information about interpersonal skills, assertiveness, types of interaction and non-violent communication. Every part of this program was well prepared and was linked to real life examples as much as possible. We were learning by playing games, discussing issues and practicing different scenarios.

Day started with breakfast and then the first session took place. We we’re having a short 20-30 minutes long coffee breaks during morning session. After lunch we had some free time for relaxing, walk to the village or just doing whatever we wanted. Afternoon sessions were also divided by short coffee break and after dinner we had free time. We were playing some board games, billiard or dancing and having fun. When the weather was great, we went out to enjoy the beauty of that part of Hungary and also some of sessions took place outdoors.

First day we met each other in Budapest in a restaurant, where we had dinner and after that we went to Felsőtárkány by private bus. We came to a hotel late in the night and after checking in we went to sleep. Second day was dedicated to ice-breaking and teambuilding activities. We were playing many games to get to know each other as soon as possible and it helped us a lot. During other sessions trainers taught us about personal insights, types of interactions, assertiveness, active listening and giving feedbacks. All those activities helped us to open to each other in authentic way and get even closer to each other. We had free afternoon during the forth day and we went to Eger city, where we spent nice time by walking around. We visited castle, main square, famous patisserie and in the evening we went to wine sellers and tasted some typical wines. One surprise was waiting for us – organizers prepared bon-fire for us and cooked Hungarian goulash. During other days the sessions were focused more on non-violent communication, dealing with conflicts and cooperation vs. competition. Whole program was very useful for most of us and we have learned a lot in this area.

We also created 4 “families” and we’re having family meeting every day, where we were discussing, what we liked, what was difficult, what did we want to practice more and were just sharing our feelings about the day. It was very nice experience to practice how to open and share our feelings with others more, cause it can be quite difficult for many of us.

It was unforgettable week. I would like to say thank you to all the organizers for such a great project. Everything was perfect. Thanks to many activities we became extraordinary group of young people. We have learned a lot a lot a lot a lot and we had a lot a lot a lot of fun! (play video) I would like to thank also EYCB, that allowed me to participate on that project!


Martin Kubiš

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