Sense of the nature as a Sense of initiative – ECO entrepreneurship – Bulgaria


Programme & action: Erasmus+ Youth, key action 1, youth exchange

Dates: 28 August – 6 September 2020

Venue: Rebrovo, Svoge, Sofia region, Bulgaria

Host organisation: ESEI – Ethno, Social and Eco Initiatives Organization ESEI

Participants: 4+1GL

Please read the info-pack & daily programme.

Participating countries: Italy, Estonia, Romania, Czech Republic, Spain, Turkey

Czech participants: Lenka Miklíková (GL), Ivana Paulusová, Adam Karásek, Eliška Klevetová, Eliška Jančíková

Project report:

The project that I participated in was called Sense of the nature as a Sense of initiative – ECO entrepreneurship. The project took place in nature in Bulgaria, on 29.8. – 7.9.2020. First we stayed for two days close to the town Batulia in a small guesthouse in the woods and then we moved (climbed) to the mountains, where we lived in a tiny mountain village. The project participated around 32 people from Greece, Spain, Italy, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania.The whole project was organized by the Bulgarian organization ESEI – ETHNO, SOCIAL AND ECO INITIATIVES ORGANIZATION.

Every day started the same, we met outside in the morning, took mats and started with morning yoga and meditation. This was followed by breakfast and a morning program. The morning program was very diverse, sometimes we had a lecture, sometimes a workshop or some interactive game in nature. After that we had lunch, when we usually had some traditional Bulgarian food. Lunch was followed by a break, followed by an afternoon program. The afternoon program was again a workshop, game or lecture. Workshops / interactive games were either organized by the organizing organization or by individual national teams. We, the Czech team, provided a program on the topic “Being enterprenеur – a surviving kit”. All activities took place in nature, either near our camp or we walked somewhere further into the mountains. All activities / lectures were done in a fun way, interspersed with games, videos and other things, so you never got bored. In the evening we always prepared a fire on which dinner was cooked. Each evening was a cultural program of each of the countries that participated in the project. After the program, we always sat by the fire for a while and discussed. 

The weather was wonderful all week. Those nine days passed very quickly, and as soon as we met, we already felt that we had to leave. All participants, including the organizers were very nice and friendly and the whole project was in the spirit of a family atmosphere. At the end of the project, I felt like I had known these people for years. We promised to see each other soon and meet somewhere in Europe, so I hope we keep our promises.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Lenka Miklíková

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