Sense of the nature as a Sense of initiative – ECO entrepreneurship – Bulgaria


Programme & action: Erasmus+ Youth, key action 1, youth exchange

Dates: 28 August – 6 September 2020

Venue: Rebrovo, Svoge, Sofia region, Bulgaria

Host organisation: ESEI – Ethno, Social and Eco Initiatives Organization ESEI

Participants: 4+1GL

Please read the info-pack & daily programme.

Participating countries: Italy, Estonia, Romania, Czech Republic, Spain, Turkey

Project info:

“Sense of the nature as a Sense of initiative – ECO entrepreneurship” is an Erasmus + Youth Mobility Project. The main objective of the project is “ provoking the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship in young people, using innovative methods, based on environmental thinking“. The exchange will bring together 35 young people from 7 different countries, who will share experience, ideas and knowledge in the wild. The specific objectives of the project are:

  • constucting a model for establishing, managing and developing a sustainable environmental organization
  • improving the skills and competences of young people in the sphere of entrepreneurship, innovativeness, critical thinking, making decisions, etc. needed for the „green“ leader’s profile;
  • raising young people’s sense of tolerance and solidarity needed for creating a social responsible environmental organization;

The project gives the opportunity target groups to discover and demonstrate their potential and sense of initiative, their entrepreneurial nature, innate talent, uniqueness, to create unification and to pass on the good practices of eco-entrepreneurship, a theme that contain a solution to two main problems: diminishing natural resources and the problem of low entrepreneurial activity and sustainability among young people.

What to bring
Each participant has to bring their own sleeping bag

Preparation activities
Each national group has to prepare:

  • a presentation of the partner organization and sending country (preferable in multimedia presentation in ppt format).
  • a presentation of national customs and traditions – interactive presentation at the Traditions Evening – evenings dedicated to the culture of one of the participating countries (includes traditional music, art, food etc).
  • a single module from the programme schedule – each group has to pick a single module (topic) form the programme and prepare the whole activity (for example: „Moving to Nature for a Better Organization“ – Discussion seminar introducing the theme of creating an eco-friendly organization in nature. A brief lecture with a discussion will address the need and opportunities to create a sustainable and successful organization. Terms such as market analysis, marketing strategy, business plan, etc. will be introduced. Pre-made visual materials – boards, collages, etc. will be used).

Spreading the results
When the participants return home they need to organize one information meeting and hand out some promotional materials (brouchures). This must be documented by photos. Each participant also has to publish a post on their social site profile.

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