Theatre Techniques for Youth Inclusion and Empowerment — Azerbaijan


Date: 12-20 July 2013

Venue: Ganja, Azerbaijan

Pax: Jakub Miklín, Jan Neugebauer, Kateřina Nováková, Lenka Rejzková

Programme and action: Youth in Action, action 3.1. training course

Project report: 

This training was truly enriching. Combination of good organizers, experienced trainers and inspiring participants from other countries created really dynamic project.

Trainers introduced us various methods to be used when you want to involve everyone into activities. Acting as a energizer, theatre play and slow motion fight as a start to discussion, expressing ourselves by creation statues, theatre as a mean to combat language barrier…and above all fun while trying all mentioned before. During the project we prepared street performance in centre of Ganja. Right after performing we received invitation to dinner with major to restaurant hidden in the mountines. However for me the best part of the week was workshop with games for which we prepared in the centre of Ganja. We attracted numerous audience. Children and youngs seemed to enjoy this program.

The training  Theatre Techniques for Youth Inclusion and Empowerment took place in Ganja, the second biggest town in the country. Ganja does its best to be recognized as a European Youth Capital for year 2016. There are organized various projects for youngsters and our hosting organization Bridges for Future takes part in many of those projects. Thanks to this fact we had a chance to visit several events connected with this effort. During the project we created the video and song supporting this vision.


Each day was fulled with activities but we found some time to explore the town and its surrounding. All in all the project was exciting and I can recommend everyone to take they chance and try toapply for future projects of EYCB!!!

Lenka Rejzková

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