Democracy 360 — Portugal


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Venue: Braga, Portugal

Dates: 9—18 October 2023

National team: 3 participants 

Please read the info-pack

Hosting organisation: SYnergia Braga

Participating countries: Czechia, Slovakia, Spain, Italy, Romania

Project report:

Here we are!  Yep, we landed in Portugal, although it was raining back in Czechia we could look forward to some sunny days in our project venue Braga. I traveled with my friend Jan from Czechia, and we met third Czech participant Aneta in Porto. Our team was complete, and we were ready to go to Braga.

This project was focused on Democracy, especially on democracy in the European Union. Three people from each country were present. First days were in the spirit of meeting each other, getting to know each other better, and present to other participants brief information about how democracy works in our country. We are still talking about democratic principles, but they are implemented a little bit differently in various countries, so it was good to learn how democracy actually works somewhere else apart from your own country.

In the upcoming days, the sessions started to be harder and harder, and our brains were on fire from the information we had to absorb. The sessions were very diverse, but they still related to democracy. We were divided in small groups about 4 members big, and we got various challenges to complete. For example, we had to create a political party with all the stuff needed to acknowledge when a party is created, so financial or also legal anchoring and much more. One part of the project was also a simulated election for EU and the president of EU.

For the majority of the project, we were working in the main headquarters of the Synergia organization, where we also ate and had the cultural night. There was also one day when we were not working here because it was a surf day!  Who wanted to go surfing had a chance this day to do it. Our organizers ordered a coach which transported us from Braga to Apulia, a small local city by the ocean, where instructors taught us how to surf. It was a really pleasant experience. Seventh day we got a free time in the afternoon, half of the group decided to go to Porto, and it was amazing. We experienced the Portuguese culture and also tried some Portuguese cuisine. This project had it all!

In conclusion, we learned a lot in this project. Democracy and democratic elections are a key framework in which we all live in the EU, and I can say all of us learned something new. We also met many interesting people from the participating countries, with whom we created lifetime memories. Thank you EYCB for this opportunity and see you soon in future on another project.



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