EU Citizens of Tomorrow — Germany & Belgium


ERASMUS+, Key action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Garlstedt, Osterholz Scharmbeck, Germany with a two-day visit to European institutions in Brussels, Belgium

Dates: 20—29 April 2024

Czech team: 6 participants + 1 group leader

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Hosting organisation: NaturKultur e.V.

Project report:

European union, active citizenship, spreading awareness, celebrating our differences, not only about that was Erasmus+ youth exchange “The European citizens of tomorrow” near Bremen, Germany.

United in diversity: not only being the motto of the European union but also of our project. Except the Czech national team took part other five national groups (Spain, Germany, Montenegro, Ukraine and North Macedonia) with people originally from fifteen counties (except the national groups being: Peru, Pakistan, India, Russia, Greece, Portugal, Afghanistan, Turkey or Nepal).

In these ten days we were educating ourselves about the EU, European culture and history, politics and more. Very important part of learning about culture were the cultural nights. In this time, every national group had its own opportunity to show and represent the country they come from. 

But there was even more! Highlight of this exchange was a 3-day long trip to Brussels, Belgium. We could visit the most important European institutions such as the European parliament and commission or national politicians. And not only that. Enough free time gave us the opportunity to see this amazing city on our own. Atomium, Royal palace, or Brussels subway (my personal favorite)? Everything was possible.

In the end, I would really like to thank our amazing organization EYCB in Czechia for allowing us to take part in this exchange and their great support. And here is also one big thank you for Naturkultur and all the facilitators in Germany, thank you very much once again!

Vít P.

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