European Meeting of Sport for Tolerance – Portugal


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Youth exchange venue: Arrouquelas, Portugal

APV (advance planning visit) dates: 11 – 12 June 2016

APV venue: Arrouquelas, Portugal

Youth exchange dates: 4 – 11 August 2016

Participants: Lucie Černá, Monika Čápová, Viktor Jurdič, Tomáš Kučera

Group leader: Petra Černá

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Participating countries: Portugal; Czech Republic; Sweden; Poland; Estonia; Italy; Slovenia; France; Belgium; Turkey and Hungary

Hosting organisationH2O

Project report:

The project “European meeting of Sport for Tolerance” was organised by H2O in a small village called Arrouquellas in Portugal. It was my first youth exchange and I really enjoyed it. There were people from these countries: Czech Republic, Sweden, Poland, Estonia, Italy, Slovenia, France, Belgium, Turkey, Hungary and Portugal. 

I traveled to Portugal with my sister Lucie on the 4th August 2016. The first day of project we spent by doing a lot of activities to know each other. So we did some ice breaking games and City game. The second day we spent on the beach Nazaré. We could try surfing. It was wonderful experience! We really enjoyed it.

We traveled to city called Rio Maior and we saw “salt mines”. Other days we had some exercises and sports activities like crossfit, football, pilates and yoga.

One of afternoon each group of participants should prepare a typical game of their country. It was full of fun. We spent two afternoons by preparing Flash mob. It was chosen song “Black or White” by Michael Jackson. The last day of project we travelled to Nazaré again and we danced our Flash mob on the square close to beach. We did it well. People were very friendly and we were able to cooperate quite easily.

The accommodation was good, we slept in tend and food was good as well. We had a chance to know part of Portugal culture and we, participants, also got the opportunity to represent some of our traditional food on the “international night”.

The project in Arrouquellas was full of amazing experiences. I really enjoyed it and recommend to everyone!

Petra Černá

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