EVS for Youth Inclusion — Turkey


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training course 

Venue: Gaziantep, Turkey

Dates: 5-12 January 2019

Participants: Lenka Kosmatová, Žaneta Jančaříková

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Hosting organisation: Bridge of Culture Training and Youth Association

Participating countries: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, CR, Georgia, Italy, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine

Project report: 

Czech representatives, Žaneta Jančaříková and Lenka Kosmatová, participated in Training course in Gaziantep, Turkey called EVS for Youth Inclusion together with people from Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, CR, Georgia, Italy, Lithuania, Macedonia, Moldova, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Ukraine, each country sent 2 participants. We started the training by introducing ourselves to each other, because the main goal of the training course to find new networks and friendships so we can cooperate together. Thereafter, we had a lot of team-building activities.

Firstly, we were devided to groups and we had to analyse and present the details of Youth Exchange (YE), European Volunteer Service (EVS), Youth Work Mobility and Youthpass. It was a great opportunity to delve into the depths of the topics, facilitating better learning and understanding of the same. During next days the activities were about networking, partnership simulation and future plans. We had an opportunity to share our project ideas. 

There was also great half-day plan, started from the visit of the biggest NGO in Gaziantep – GEGED. We not only met with the head of the organization, but also with its short and long term volunteers, learnt the key components of their successful work during more than a decade and their goals for the future. Besides, it was a pleasure for us to have a possibility to see the surroundings where volunteers actually live
The participants had the chance to explore the meaning of formal, non-formal and informal learning by using theater. Thus, they have looked at key elements such as roles, learning styles, intention, structure, duration, regulation and motivation of the learning. The second half of this day was free and it was really great because Gaziantep is just amazing city! Everything is super cheap for people from Europe so we could fulfilled our bags with spices, baklava and clothes. 🙂 
Finally, during next days. we divided ourselves into 3 groups and had a discussion about importance of dissemination, impact and follow up in promotion and visibility of Youth exchanges, Youth workers mobility and EVS projects.
At the end there are already some pre-prepared project drafts to be applied soon to the different Erasmus+ National Agencies. Last, but not least, we would like to thank a lot both sending organisation EYCB, especially Jana, and receiving organisation in Turkey, especially Kerem and Mehmet, for their great and professional job and we have learnt a lot. So you can look forward, because we had a great plan! 🙂
Žaneta Jančaříková

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