Feel the Flow & Explore Yourself as a Trainer – Armenia


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Dilijan, Armenia

Dates:  1-9 August 2016

Participants: Ondřej Podlešák, Marek Hrdina, Alena Matoušková

Participants’ fee: €40 

Participating countries: The Netherlands, Estonia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Romania, Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia

Hosting organisationLoesje Armenia

Project report:

Feel the flow – Discover yourself as a trainer – this is the name of the unforgettable training course, which took place in Armenia. This training course lasted 7 days in Dilijan, but we arrived 3 days earlier, so we had time to travel in Georgia. Dilijan, where was the project held, was smaller city in the beautiful nature of Armenia. This training course had 24 participants from Denmark, Estonia, Romania, Georgia, Armenia, Netherlands and Czech republic.

We were accommodated in hotel, which was quite comfortable. There was everything, what we needed, including wifi. During the training course we had only one free afternoon for traveling. So we were able to visit local monasteries, which were really beautiful. Programme of the course was held both in the morning and afternoon, but there was no eveninig programme, so we used to have free time in the evenings. There were no intercultural nights neither. The trainers were experienced Hranush and Osiris from Armenia. They provided us safe and creative background.

The traininng course itself was focused on discovering ourselves as trainers. We were all ecpecting something more practical, but this training course was actually more about expresing our emotions and discovering ourselves. So most of the training course we were making excersises which were constantly focused to discover ourselves deeper and deeper through different tools. We were talking about our lives, our emotions and experiences. Also we learnt through some excersises how to give right feedback to others and how to say criticism to others in right way. Thanks to our trainers, we had safe and pleasant conditions, in which we could open ourselves and share what we wanted.

I was personally interested in differences between youth exchanges and traininig courses, because I have been on several youth exchanges before, but no training courses. I have found this training course more intense. I mean the excersises were much more intense then normally in the youth exchanges. I take a lot from this training course, much more then from projects before. It gave me a lot. I discovered myself better and it made me think about things, which I hadn´t thought before…Therefore I evaluate this project very positively and I would be happy to experience something similar someday in the future again!


Alena Matoušková

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