Forest Heroes — Greece


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Lasithi, Crete, Greece

Dates: 8—15 September 2023

National team: 3 participants (aged 18-30) + 1 group leader (18+)

Please read the info-pack and the daily programme

Hosting organisation: Kyttaro Enallaktikon Anazitiseon Neon [KEAN]


The Youth Exchange, organised by the Greek organisaƟon KEAN, took place on 8-16 September 2023  on Crete, the largest island in Greece. However, due to the theme of the project, we were not on the  local sandy beaches, but in the mountain village of Psichron, surrounded by beauƟful mediterranean  forests, which are completely different from the forests we know from the Czech Republic. In total, 32  

young people from eight European countries took part in the project – The Czech Republic, Greece,  Portugal, Netherlands, Romania, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Italy.  

As the name of the project implies, the varied acƟviƟes of all kinds focused on a very important part  of our landscape – the forest. How to protect and care for the forest, how to prevent disasters such as  forest fires, how to use the forest sustainably for our needs and much more. It was almost a rule that  we always worked in naƟonally mixed teams, which was a great opportunity to pracƟce our  communicaƟon and language skills as well. It was the outdoor acƟviƟes that were the most  successful, where we could really visit the forest. A very educaƟonal and interesƟng trip through the  local forest was facilitated by an experienced leader of the local mountain club, who really knew  everything about the local forest and mountains. We also had the opportunity to visit the birthplace  of the most important god of Greek mythology – the Cave of Zeus. We watched the harvest in the  local potato and melon fields and visited the museum of local culture.  

The great and always smiling organizers Elisa and Vlasis gave us a free day, which we used with a trip  to the coast with swimming in the waves, sunbathing on the hot sand and delicious Greek food. In  the evening, the always popular “interculture nights” took place, giving us the opportunity to learn  more about the other parƟcipants’ home countries and also to sample some of their cuisine.  

All in all, the project was a great success and I think we will all remember it for a long

(Jonas Müller)


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