From Trash to Cash — Romania


Termín konání: 4-13 December 2019

Místo konání: Busteni, Romania

Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth exchange

Venue: Busteni, Romania

Dates: 4-13 December 2019

Participants: Anna Tomšíková, Vojtěch Kolář, Jana Vacková, Pavla Vacková

Group leader: Jolana Hroudová 

Host organisation:

Please read the info-pack + daily programme and press release+ project brochure.

Participating countries: Bulgaria, Czechia, Greece, Italy, Macedonia, Poland, Spain and Romania 

Project report:  

 The project “From Trash To Cash” took place in a small town of Busteni in the Romanian mountains and was organized by Asociata Oden Nehoiu. Around forty participants from eight different countries – Romania, Czech Republic, Poland, Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Greece and North Macedonia – gathered together for ten days of new adventures.

So what was the project about? It was about consumerism and its consequences, recycling, upcycling and entrepreneurship. The first days were mainly about getting to know each other as well as brainstorming and discussing these topics in international groups. In the next days the main task consisted of creating a product from recycled materials and making a business plan and a commercial strategy how to sell this product. We came up with our logo, slogan, promotion video and much more. One group made a board game about recycling, the next one built a dog house, another one launched into Christmas decorations and so on. Throughout these tasks we learned more about time management, communication with different types of people and of course, upcycling and starting a business.

How did we like the location and surroundings? During the youth exchange we stayed in a nice hotel with an amazing view of the mountains. Moreover, we tried a lot of different food; our favourite one was the traditional Romanian dessert papanasi. We had time for a few short hikes as well and the whole last day was dedicated to exploring more of Romanian history and culture – we visited the beautiful Sinaia palace, Dracula’s castle Bran and the lovely city of Brasov. It was the perfect ending to the project, because we already knew each other very well, so it was so much fun not only to explore all these sights together but also simply sit in a bus and play games together.

And last but not least – how did we spent our evenings? We had two intercultural nights, which was a great opportunity to learn more about each other’s countries, taste snacks and drinks from all Europe and try some new dances. The goodbye party was also really fun, we danced and talked till late in the night and tried to enjoy every minute we still had together. I hope we stay in touch and visit each other in the future.

I want to thank EYCB for making this possible for us and also the whole Czech team – we were awesome!

Jolana Hroudová

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