TransformAction: Countering Social Conflicts in Youth Work — Lithuania


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Venue: Markutiškės, Lithuania

Dates: 4—11 November 2023

National team: 5 participants 

Please read the info-pack.

Hosting organisation: ASOCIACIJA TAVO EUROPA

Project report:

Joining the “TransformAction: Countering Social Conflicts in Youth Work” project was quite an adventure. With friends from different countries like Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, and Romania, we wanted to fix tough problems in our areas.

We talked about big issues—like problems with nature, people, and the community. Working with friends from our countries, we tried to come up with ideas about education, being different, human rights, and the world getting warmer.

It was tough. The English we needed was harder than we thought (around B1 level). The problems we talked about were not easy to understand. Sometimes, it was hard to follow and join the talks because the topics were tricky.

Looking back, it wasn’t simple. But it taught us a lot. It showed us how important it is to talk about hard things in an easy way. Even though it was tricky, we learned how important it is to talk clearly about tough problems, especially when we want everyone to understand.

One thing we missed was focusing on practical stuff. We talked a lot about problems in general, but we didn’t get many chances to see how to fix these problems in real life. The part about “youth work” was also missing. We wanted to learn more about how young people are affected by sorounding social conflicts, but the project didn’t focus much on that.

The project was a big lesson. It taught us that talking about hard things in a simple way helps everyone join the conversation. It also showed us how young people can really help make things better in society.


On 1/12/2023, a follow-up activity regarding the completed project took place in Prague. We contacted organisation SVITLO and SCOUT INSTITUTE. Also EYCB, the sending organisation from Czechia helped us with sharing the event. Main goal of activity was to support inclusion of ukranian refugees in Prague or nearby. Also it was planned to inform youth people about Erasmus opurtunities to visit abroad projects during studies or after. Pavel, Simon, Anna, Bára and Kateřina organized this event and after an event with presentation, discussion and competition. It continued in Kotva Prague restaurant as an informal and spontaneous event.

Please check out the presentation the Czech team created for this event here: Objev Evropu


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