Get Involved 2 — Macedonia


Date: 12-20 November 2012

Venues: Mavrovo, Struga

Programme and action: Youth in Action programme, 4.3. training course

Pax: Simona Holičová, Eva Harťanská

Project report:

 To travel to Macedonia by train was a really bad decision (24 hours). Then we had to travel from Skopje to Mavrovo (national park) by bus. I thought it was a never-ending journey and I was going to die. Suddenly when we got off the bus, every problem went away. We could see beautiful nature. Everything was calm and silent. Just us and the untouched nature.

First day was difficult, because everyone was so tired by their travels. At the beginning we played a lot of games to know each other better. After these games I realized we have the best group I could imagine. We communicated and understood each other very well. Also we helped each other and I knew if I had some problem everybody would help me. 

Third day we traveled to other place called Struga. Our both hotels (in Mavrovo + in Struga) were placed on the lake shore. Amazing! City centre of Struga was 5 minutes by walk so we could know this city better. We spent in the city two nights and we really enjoyed it. Dinner in traditional restaurant, private party in one club and then dancing in local disko. One day we visited Ohrid, attractive place for tourists. We spent there the whole day. We made sightseeing around a lot of monuments, castles and churches, also we sailed on the lake. After this I got, why is Ohrid included in UNESCO. 

During mornings we had energizers and some workshops. After that we could enjoy Macedonian traditional food which was finger licking good! Food and accommodation were great. After lunch sometimes we visited other organizations and sometimes made presentations to exchange our contacts to make great cooperation in near future. 

The time we spent in Macedonia was great but we didn’t just mess around. We were hard working. We learnt for example how organizations work, how to make our own projects, what are our possibilities during and after studies (do EVS, erasmus, etc…). We didn’t waste our time. We spent it together, we learnt a lot of new interesting things and personally I will never regret that I desided to go to Macedonia. When we had to say good bye I was crying. But I’m sure I will meet these people again. And if you are still thinkig about where to go on which project I would advice you: LET’S GO TO MACEDONIA!

Simona Holičová 

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