Growth and Inspiration through Volunteering and Empowerment – Latvia


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Riga, Latvia

Dates:  17-25 September 2016

Participants: Adéla Kalusová, Zuzana Hrůzová

Please read the info-pack. The project narrative report contains the main information about the project, the outcomes of the activities, the qualitative assessment of the project, the quantitative evaluation. The report is available on online platform with the following link:

Participating countries: Hungary, GB, Czech Republic, Italy, Denmark, Portugal, Greece, Latvia

Hosting organisationInspiration by Motion Latvia

Project report:

On 17th of September we have kicked off “Growth and Inspiration through volunteering and Empowerment” training course I have participated on. It took place in Riga, capital city of Latvia.

The aim of project was to review and enhance participant’s competences in volunteer management.

On the project were participants from Latvia,  Greek, Italy,Portugal, UK, Denemark and Hungary.

After very long and exhausting journey to Riga because we had to wait on the airport for 8 hours, we finally get to our bed.

Almost every day we had program in building of local NGO near from our accommodation.

First day we were introducing each other, breaking boulders with teambuilding activities and got first information about Volunteering, mentoring and coaching.

Next days we were learning mainly how to do recruitment into our NGO. We made our fictional NGO and than we were traying to get volunteers so we made recruitment compain.

Here is our facebook page:

Firstly it was really hard to find way how to ask people to join us but at the end we had great srategy.

One day of the project was dedicated to discovering Latvia.

First, we paid a visit to Jaunmoku castle and than we visited town of Kuldiga – a nice historical town in western Latvia with cobblestone streets and old architecture. In this city we were also on excursion in local NGO. In the evening we tried some tipical Latvian food.

On the project were not missing even international evening. Each participant took some tipical food, drink and than presenting it. So we could try  Dannish liquorice sweets, Greek ntakos, Hungarian Balaton, Italian Mustazzoli and basil, Latvian Silyodka pod shuboy, Portugese Porto wine or Chedar from different countries of the UK and learn Greek and Italian dances.

I really enjoy this project and I think that I will use experiences from it in my future plans.

Zuzana Hrůzová

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