Health in Everyday Living — Georgia


Programme and action: Youth in Action programme, action 3.1.1 youth exchange

Dates: 24 – 31 October 2013

Venue: Kobuleti, Georgia

Participants: Barbora Bouchalová, Klára Životská, Zuzana Šindlerová, Jan Smolík, Jan Červinka

Project report:

Who would like to know more about a project taking place in Georgia, or even in details, nobody could give you the real view about it, you must go there personally and live it! The most important thing is the atmosphere, the completely different spirit of that country which surrounds you. In very relaxed and free way we explored a bit what problems connected with the health and addictions each country faces. We found out that it does not depend so much whether you are from the Czech republic, Georgia, Romania or somewhere else because everywhere it is kind of similar. We became artists for a moment and created posters in groups which were hanged after that in one Batumi University. Every morning we welcomed a new day through some games and every evening we learned something about each country participating in this project from the cuisine to national symbols and dances and every night we had fun and with every new day we got new friends.

As Georgia is totally different from the Czech republic with its paradoxes (poverty but huge awesome buildings, beautiful nature but mess, satellites but living in almost slums,…) you do not know whether you like it or not, but Georgian nature and cuisine is lovely and Black sea is pretty good!

This project was really unique for me and I appreciated this experience a lot! If you ask me why, here are some reasons: We had chance to visit three places in Georgia (the trip to Batumi was awesome!), we met a lot of new great people and with some of them we are still in contact, Czech team was so united that I felt like at home and I am sure I found among them new real friends into my further life.

If I should decide whether I had realised something new about the topic in this project, my answer would be “not really”. But! I learned a lot from it about other things, about cross cultures and about myself! And this is more worth it! I am very glad that I could be there.


Zuzana Šindlerová

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