Find Your Balance — Romania


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth Exchange

Venue: Slanic Moldova, Romania

YE Dates: 15-27 November 2017

APV Dates: 9-12 October 2017

Participants: Tomáš Cieslar, Nikola Vičíková, Martina Klevetová, Daniel Iwan

Group leader: Tomáš Karlík

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Participating countries: Bosnia & Herzegovina, Italy, Czech Republic, Estonia, Greece, Spain, Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania

Hosting organisation: Active Development Association ADA

Project report: 

Hi there! In the middle of December we were apart of the great YE project “Find Your Balance” in Romania, Slanic Moldova from 15th to 27th of December. At this project participated five people from each of these countries – Czech Republic, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Spain, Italy, Estonia, Macedonia, Ukraine and Moldova. We were more then fifty people! Main aim of this project was rising awareness about human addictions and balanced lifestyle.

Victor Catalin Toma, president of ADA (host organization) and main organizator gave a lot of his energy to the project and he was a great manager! Also other guys from host Romanian team made a good job and they provide us a great support.

First day we went from Bucurest to Slanic Moldova by rented bus by organizators. It was a good option for most of the people, because of the public transport to Slanic wasn’t so flexible.

We played a lot of energizer games at first few days of the project, to get know each other and built a trust. Also each country get 2 topics to made a program for all the participants, by them own. Czech republic get topic about types of addictions and second one was about personal interests, aims and values. All the people had a good level of English, so was easy to communicate and make a new friendships. The Czech team get know, how to cooperate together very fast. 

All the intercultural nights were perfect and each country took the best food and present for other their traditions. At this project we made our intercultural knowledge much bigger, because people were really friendly, open-minded and communicative. We made a lot of new friends.

During the project we get know a lot of interesting information about balanced lifestyle not just theoretically, but also in practical way. We have visited National Anti-Drug centre and drug healing centre in Bacau. There we get a lot of first-hand informations from practise by experienced people. Then we went to Bacau University to drug conference led by local specialists in field of balance lifestyle. We also traveled to explore Brasov city and Bran castle! It was very nice trip.

All the national teams were just great and did a lot of good job with their own presentations. We inspired each other, we shared our stories and our experiences with addictions. Also we shared informations about our national problems with addictions and how to face them. Now we know, that the most important thing in dealing with any kind of addiction, is to not to be afraid to ask for help from others. Because very often its pretty hard to fight with addictions alone. We all should stick together with our best friends, family and communities to avoid the addictions and all the bad things in our lives. We should support each other and do not judge people!

One big thanks to the organizators and participants!

Everything was interesting and inspiring. I think a lot of people found their balance at this project and I believe, that was the point.

Tomáš Karlík

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