HOPE — Protecting Mental Health — Bulgaria


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Varna, Bulgaria

Dates: 26 May—5 June 2023

Czech team: Eva Schmiedová (GL), Ondřej Sladký, Jindřich Hemelík, Matěj Horák, Anna Gryčová, Sandra Savićová & P.S.

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Hosting organisation: SUSHAL HUB SDRUZHENIE

Project report:

Let me share few paragraphs about the project held in Bulagrian Golden Sands resort near Varna. One of the main aims of this project was to create community where people can share and be heard, include and feel included, help and receive helping hand. And I can honestly say that this project fulfilled its purpose.
Our inspiring facilitators Paula (Romania) and Catri (Latvia) guided us and put a great effort to make this project unforgettable. They did not only provided us with the information connected to the topic itself but also shared their broad experience of different programmes and possibilities for young people in intercultural environment.
The project lasted 9 days. It took place in the hotel where 3 meals per day were served in buffet form. There was a nice swimming pool and spacious outdoor facilities where we spent some of our activities and where we were meeting for the meals and spending our free time. Biliard, table tennis and small gym were available as well. And yet another pro of this place was it proximity to the beach.

6 national groups of approximately 6 people have made a group of around 30 participants. Teams from Czech Republic, Latvia, Portugal, Italy, Romania and Bulgaria came to Bulgaria to participate on the project focused on mental health and its protection. First few days were about getting to know each other and later on we were ready to work together and shared the knowledge and experience connected to the topic. We shared the different approaches to mental care in our home countries. We focused on well-being and especially mental health through various activities and workshops. We were learning to name and share our feeling, to be honest to ourselves and to the others. We mainly worked on making a safe space where everyone feels included.

Everyone participated in the activities prepared by the facilitators, but we also had space to prepare activities for the rest of the group and tried to be in the role of facilitator as well. In the end we had a task to make a video about what we learned which was also a reflection of the project and nice memory from time spent together.

Eva Schmiedová

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