Human Rights, Human Needs — United Kingdom


Date: 18-29 July 2012

Venue: Devon, Southwest of England, UK

Participants: Martin Novák, Jaroslava Kašparová

Project report: 

The project on human rights and human needs in England made me completely glad and satisfied. I am not reluctant at all to claim it was the best project I have ever participated in. The joy and enthusiasm on one hand and the responsibility and professionality which was brought by the organizers into the course was incredibly inspiring. 

I was totally thankful for the externists who came over to talk about their experiences and terifing life stories (Lady Camilla who was kidnaped in Cecnia when being a youthworker helping local kids to recover after the war with Russia in the nineties.). The whole course was absolutely enjoyable! 

We lived in a picturesque English village in an artcenter managed by lovely and very helpful lady Monica and her wonderful assistant Ruby who took care about us like a real granny about her grand children. The locals were friendly, saying we brought joy and life into their village! 

The whole programme was practical especially for people who work in youthcenters, we have learnt great ways to encourage peoples self confidence and public behaviour (public speeches, acting etc.), which is helpful for young kids with self trust problems and also for the adults. At the very end we turned all we had learned into a theater play for the locals. 

It was wonderful!!!

Jaroslava Kašparová

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