I Got a Hangover, Oh, Oh — Romania


Programme: Erasmus+: Youth, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Sarata Monteoru & Buzau, Romania

Dates: 24 September—4 October 2021

National team size: 4+1GL

Please read the info-pack & daily activities schedule.

Participating countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland


Project description:

The project includes 40 participants (32 young people and 8 group leaders) from 8 European countries. The sending associations come from areas / countries where statistics show figures above the European average in terms of weekly and annual alcohol consumption and the frequency of occurrence of “binge drinking”

The project takes place in a context in which young people aged 16-24 years are increasingly confronted with the abusive and uncontrolled consumption of alcohol, the phenomenon of “binge drinking” (episodic consumption in large quantities to get intentional “intoxication ”) affects young people from the position of consumers, collateral victims and passive witnesses. The project owes its responsibility to the consumption of alcohol and offering alternative solutions through an active and healthy lifestyle.

The aim of the project is to strengthen the active and healthy lifestyle of young europeans aged 18-24 by preventing and combating the phenomenon of “binge drinking”.

  1. increasing for 32 young people aged 18-24 years and 8 group leaders from 8 European countries for 9 days the ability to understand and prevent the phenomenon of “binge drinking”.
  2. promoting theater and media-video creation as non-formal education methods to combat excessive and irresponsible alcohol consumption among young people aged 18-24.
  3. promoting a healthy and active lifestyle as an alternative to “binge drinking” by developing with the help of 32 young people from 18-24 years old 8 group leaders from 8 European  countries of a campaign and multiplying it in the 8 communities and in partners’ projects 4 months after mobility.
  4. increasing the quality of the youth exchanges by making responsible the consumption of alcohol among the participants

The methodology will be based on nonformal education and will consist in games ,presentations, role plays and simulations, workshops, video and media creation, visits, intercultural evenings.

There will be 7 thematic workshops that will debate and set notions about alcohol consumption, causes, effects and solutions, each with a well-defined purpose and with specific methods: presentations, debates, tests, “world cafe”, media-video creation and theater.

They will be  complemented by intercultural evenings, visits to the region, outdoor activities and games

The “tangible” results will be:

  • 8 scenes produced in the AT5 workshop collected in a video montage, which will offer solutions to the cases of “binge drinking” with unhappy ending in the communities
  • assembles of the 8 posters, 1 leaflet and 8 flyers from AT7 PRINT
  • 8 films from AT6- VIDEO (reunited in a montage they will be uploaded by young people on youtube.com)
  • The “Hangover” magazine will be completed by the PRINT team. It will bring together products from the workshops

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