Power of Youth — Romania


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth exchange

Venue: Slanic Moldova (Bacau County), Romania

Youth Exchange Dates: 28 February – 12 March 2019

APV Dates: 8-11 February 2019

Participants: Ruth Rýcová, Jana Ochvatová, Tereza Filipová, Adnan Saleh, Michaela Synková

Group leader: Kateřina Rešlová

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Participating countries: Malta, Greece, Lithuania, Spain, Portugal, Romania and Czech Republic.

Project report: 

The last day of February the group of six czech youths people made a journey to not to much far country which is mostly associated with Dracula’s Legend, charming nature and one of the biggest administrative building in the world which is called Palace of the Parliament. Thats country is Romania. The project took place in small town Slanic Moldova which is located on eastern part of Romania in Bacau Country. We can say it is a place “where foxes say good night ” which literally means a middle of nowhere. We spent twelve, amazing days there which was full of activities, self – development, achieving new knowledge and competencies and starting a new friendship with other participants of project who came from Malta, Romania, Spain, Portugal, Greece and Lithuania.

The main topics of the project were Youth participation, EU citizenship, EU awareness and democracy and civic engagement. All the working activities were based on non-formal education methods which mostly included debates, creative learning methods, simulations and so on. The first half of the project was mainly oriented on European union especially their history, institutions, benefits which EU has provided to their members, why and why not youth people participate at EU election. During this session we found out that Czech Republic belongs to one of the EU countries which had very low participation at the last(2014) European parliament election. We also took a part simulation of EU parlament. Thanks to this opportunity we can imagine how it works in reality.

The second part of the project we took a part a training sessions which was focused on tools how to create a successful campaign which included taking photos, filming videos and their editing, creating posters and writing articles. These competencies which we achieved, we subsequently used in practice and made our own campaign which should promote and increase participation in the following european parliament election which will be held this year in May. The project was not just about getting to know new competencies or knowledges but also about discovering new cultures and tradition. Especially at the evenings we had a chance to try traditional foods, drinks, sweets, learn traditional dances and find out interesting facts of already mentioned countries. Before the departure day we had a opportunity to visit the Iasi which is one of the oldest city in Romania and also called the city of a hundred churches.

To sum it up. I am really grateful that i could took a part in this project and develop my knowledge, improve my english communication skills and met such an amazing inspiring young people.

Ruth Rýcová

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