EU Defence Project: Debating the Future of Europe & Challenging Euroscepticism: A Journey Into Media Literacy to Fight Eurosceptic Narratives — 5. meeting — Belgium


Programme: Europe for CitizensStrand 1 „European Remembrance“, 4th meeting of a multi-phase project

Dates: 28—31 August 2022

Venue: Brussels, Belgium

For more information please read the  info-pack. Please also read the project outcomes summary here. 

Hosting organisation: ALPHABET FORMATION

Czech team: Vladimír Mlázovský, Kateřina Mlázovská, Robert Balog, Žaneta Levíčková

Project report:

Our Czech team is very grateful for the opportunity to attend the Erasmus plus project called Debating the Future of Europe & Challenging Euroscepticism, Brussel, Belgium, 28.—31. August, the project was issued by wonderful organizers Marco and Alessia. 

Organizers did a great job in creating a safe environment for debating the future of the EU. Although the program was very tight and kept all of us busy we managed to explore a little bit of Brussels as well, one might argue that Brussels doesn’t have much to offer as the country doesn’t have sea or mountains, however, it is the architecture and people that make Brussels one of the kind. It was interesting to see buildings from the 18th century stand along with minimalistic skyscrapers. People in Brussels are surprisingly friendly and kind. However, I do recommend other cities in Belgium since they are known for their immaculate beauty.

During the project, we learned how the EU works, what each of the bodies does, and how it contributes to and affects other bodies. Therefore I believe we gained knowledge that will help engage in debates regarding the EU. 

Also, we learned something about European history in such a way that reflected the good and the bad, which I appreciate. 

I would like to express my gratitude to the organizers and EYCB for giving us the opportunity to discover another piece of the world once more.  

                                                                                                                                     Robert Balog

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