TO oBEse OR NOT TO oBEse – Turkey


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth Exchange

Venue: Aksaray, Turkey

YE dates: 7–16 September 2021

Host organisation: Aksaray University Healthy Life Student Club

Participating countries: Turkey, Spain, Latvia, Czech Republic, Romania, Lithuania

Please read the info-pack.

Czech participants: Alena Aichlmanová (GL), Eliška Michalcová, Michal Soldán, Filipp Lomakin, Terezie Kovářová, Kateřina Kvapilová

Project report:

Young people from 5 countries got a chance to meet and discuss a hot topic of the western world – the obesity. Participants from Turkey, Romania, the Czech Republic, Lithuania and Spain stayed for a week in a beautiful city of Aksaray and apart from attending prepared activities, they also worked on „manuals“ how to fight the obesity and keep a healthy lifestyle. We all could share experiences and ideas to create a few methods. 

The main topic of this project was how to recognise the reasons for obesity and how to fight it. The program consisted of various activities including indoor and outdoor sports, discussion within national and international groups, talks with representatives from the local university and municipality. Among the most important learning activities where learing about various aspects and figures to recognise the obesity. All together, each activity contributed to a greater knowledge of each participants. 

We also discussed various Erasmus and Youth Pass skills, which enables young people from the whole European Union to study in various countries and get cultural experiences – something that definitely widen horizons.

Of course, the organisers have also prepared a beautiful trips around the region, with walks around the countryside and the possibility to meet the local culture and habits. 

In short, the programme was intense and amazing as it could be! At the end, it was really hard to say good bye to everybody and we are already making plans to meet again…

                                                                                           Alena Aichlmanová

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