TO oBEse OR NOT TO oBEse – Turkey


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth Exchange

Venue: Aksaray, Turkey

YE dates: 7–16 September 2021

Participants: 5+1GL

Host organisation: Aksaray University Healthy Life Student Club

Participating countries: Turkey, Spain, Latvia, Czech Republic, Romania, Lithuania

Please read the info-pack.

Project info:

The project intends to increase the awareness of obesity problem in society, to create awareness of adequate and balanced nutrition to struggle with obesity, to notice people beneficial habits about physical activities and to set people in motion in Aksaray
and 5 different cities in Europe with those 36 young participants.

Aims of project:

  • To inform locals about obesity definition, causes and possible results,
  • To prepare those 36 participants as a ‘warrior’ to obesity,
  • To create awareness in public and participants about relationship between nutritioncalorie, the number of balanced meal.
  • To help participants to prepare their physical activity plans and to share their physical activity experiences with locals if they have any.
  • To inform participants about healthy nutrition and work on that food and prepare healthy meals.
  • To reach more and more people with works of 6 participant country about obesity, inaction and unhealthy nutrition.
  • To change the nutritional habits of participants and encourage them to live healthier lives.

Activities: All the participants will take part in any activities actively. All the precautionary measures will be taken by the project team. First of all, we are aiming to make all participants feel comfortable about taking part in the project. In order to ensure it, in the first day of the project we will perform name-learning and warm-up activities. And in the following days we will discuss and work on the problem ‘obesity with different informal / non-formal methods and activities.

Methodology: Informal education methods, the inevitable part of the Youth Project, will be mainly used in the project. So all the participants will take role actively in each activity. There will be many sessions which include workshops, games, group works, indoor and outdoor activities and evaluations. Cultural nights will be helpful to learn more about new cultures. We will have meetings and consultations with local authorities.

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