Let’s Talk About Europe – Cyprus


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Agros, Cyprus

APV (advance planning visit) dates: 11-13 March 2016

Youth exchange dates: 25 March – 3 April 2016

Participants: Barbora Lísková, Barbora Opletalová, Martin Kubiš, Petra Spurná, Lukáš Koupil

Group leader: Tereza Rýcová

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Participating countries: Cyprus, Bulgaria, Germany, Lithuania, Romania, Spain and the Czech Republic

Hosting organisation: Filodasikos Syndesmos Agrou

Project report:

In the end of March 2016 I participated in a youth exchange named “Let’s talk about Europe” in a beautiful island of Cyprus. The project hosted by Agros Environmental Group took place in Agros, which is a picturesque village in Troodos mountains in the heart of Cyprus and this project gathered 42 young people from 7 countries- Cyprus, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Romania, Germany, Spain and Bulgaria. We got accommodated in a youth hostel in the village, where also most of the activities took place.

The main aim of the youth exchange was to promote tolerance and respect to the gender equality and cultural diversity among European youngsters.

We started with getting to know each other/ice breaking activities, stating our fears, expectations, contributions and rules of the project. In next days we had various activities such as: discussion about advantages and disadvantages of being part of EU, discussion and theatre about stereotypes of each country taking part in the project, session about what a perfect European citizen should be like, lots of outside team building activities and games. We also had a workshop about the Europass, led by a competent person from Cypriot National Agency, which was interesting especially for younger participants who don’t have much experience in writing their CVs/motivational letters.

Except activities and workshops we also had some trips: a day trip to Nicosia which is a capital city of Cyprus, a day trip to Limassol that is the second biggest city of Cyprus located at the seaside so we got a chance to swim in the sea. Beside these two great trip we also experienced a tour around Agros- where are few famous Cypriot factories such as the biggest water factory in Cyprus (Agros water- Agros is one of few places in Cyprus where is safe to drink tap water), smoked products factory, sweets factory and rose products factory.

All project was held in a very friendly and easy going atmosphere, I liked that most of the activities were outside and also the trips so we could change the environment. We got also enough of free time so we were able to explore Agros on our own.


I am glad and very thankful I could be a part of this project.

Tereza Rýcová

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