Including You(th) — North Macedonia


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Struga, Scout Camp, North Macedonia

Youth exchange dates: 16—25 August 2023

National team: 4 participants (aged 18-25) + 1 group leader (18+)

APV (Advance Planning Visit, attended by the group leaders): Struga, North Macedonia, 17—20 July.

Please read the info-pack

Hosting organisation: Zdruzenie izvidnicki odred Mirko Mileski Kichevo

Project description:

Are you looking for a summer learning opportunity? Would you like to use outdoor activities and be part of an international group of youngsters from all around Europe? Are you a fan of outdoor activities and non-formal education?

Including You(th) is for you if you are between 18-25 years of age, want to develop and create outdoor activities which encourage active participation, communication, cooperation, social inclusion and physical and mental wellbeing. While being present in a playful environment and having fun with an international group.

After years of experience in outdoor events and non-formal educational activities, we have come to the next step in our development, creating a learning event that is a playground for sharing, creating and implementing various outdoor games. You will have the chance to learn and bring your own input in the programme, together with people from around Europe.

Learning Approach and Working Methods: The project offers an experiential learning approach (learning by doing) that invites everyone to actively participate and be involved in the programme. You are the creator of your own experience and your learning will be supported by the team of organisers and the rest of the group. You are going to live and be a part of an international environment,  where you have the chance to work with the others in pairs, trios, small and big groups.

You will gain:

  • ability to include yourself in the community and work with other towards a common goal;
  • Cooperation, communication, and organizational skills;
  • Increased sense of initiative and active participation in society;
  • Ability and confidence to organize activities for others;
  • Ability to create and be part of a supportive group and include others in them;
  • Awareness of Erasmus+ opportunities;

Whom are we searching for?/participants’ profile/This project is for you if you: 

  • are 18-25 years old;
  • are active within your organization/ local community
  • want to improve your competencies and skills – eg. communication, cooperation, planning, organizing, time management, etc.
  • perhaps feel stuck at this moment in your life and you don’t know what is the next step in your development;
  • face either social, economical, or geographical obstacles and you wish to find creative ways of overcoming them;
  • have little experience in living and working in an international environment;
  • are willing to participate in the Online Assignments, Youth Exchange and Local Action Phase/Follow up of the project

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