Inclusion Online — Turkey


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Gaziantep, Turkey

Dates: 17-24 July 2019

Participants: Béatrice Koubayová, Kristýna Hrochová, Veronika Wróbelová

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Participating countries: Turkey, Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy, Lithuania, Macedonia, Portugal, Greece, Hungary

Project report: 

The Czech team had an honor to  participate in an Erasmus + training course for youth workers in Gaziantep, Turkey. We traveled to Gaziantep in south of Turkey to take part in one week long course “Online Inclusion” from 17th -24th July.

The team was very diverse and consisted of multiple nationalities: Czech, Belgian, Turkish, Italian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Portuguese, Greek and Hungarian. In total we were 25 participants.

The topic of the project was the combat against the hate speech. The objectives of this course were to develop a common and mobilizing understanding of social justice in the youth field, to create awareness about what to do in the situation of “human rights violations”, to share and exchange about the various grass-root realities of the participants in the field of citizens’ action through media and social media. We are happy to say that the objectives were met.

During the project we were doing many activities which were teaching us about hate speech and effective tools to deal with the hate speech. We were also learning about social inclusion and human rights via using social media tools.

Last but not least, we, as an international group, had an opportunity to learn from each other, learn more about our representative countries and to build new friendships across the European boarders.  

All of this above experienced in the beautiful country of Turkey. Teşekkürler. *

Béatrice Koubayová

* Thank you in Turkish

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