Back to Basics 2 — Great Britain


Date: 20 July – 4 August 2013

Venue: Saint David’s, Wales, Great Britain

Programme and action: Youth in Action programme, action 1.1., youth exchange

Pax: Martina Dvořáková (GL), Jana Procházková (GL), Karolína Gálová, Lada Pavelková, Dominika Štejdířová, Daniel Bourek, Dominik Pavelka, Adam Zdvihal

Participating countries: Wales, Serbia, Macedonia, CZ, France, Romania, Turkey

Project report: 

Welcome to another dimension of the world! Welcome to Wales! Having joined the project “Back to Basics 2“ that was taking place from 20th July to 4th August 2013 in St. David’s, Pembrokeshire National Park, Wales, we appeared in totally new reality.

From the begining, it was obvious that this is going to be a unique experience and it definitelly was! For me, it was a great pleasure to meet sixty young people from different parts of Europe such as: Macedonia, Serbia, France, Turkey, Romania, the Czech Republic and Wales. Nice people, beautiful campsite just on the coast and an awesome weather. What to wish more?

Have it not been for Welsh coordinators – Aaron & Dan, this project would never be as great as it was! Thanks to them, all participating nationalities were brought together and integrated in various types of activities and projects such as: camp crafts, map skills, first aid course etc. I have to point out that mainly these activities were really useful for further planning of an own expedition. But, there were many more activities prepared for us. I consider ice-breaking activities as well as an activity focused on discrimination and prejudice as very beneficial, since all participants were supposed to live in one place together for two weeks and this helped them to get to know each other and to be aware of intercultural differences. As the project was focused on ecology and recycling, we learned that waste sorting is very important, but we also learned how to transform recyclable materials into something artistic and useful. At the end, we got a cupboard, a bench, a post box, a wedding dress, a shelf, drums and a jewellery box. I have to admit that these projects were really unique masterpieces! As a result, these masterpieces were displayed at the festival called “Capital City Jam“ in the centre of Cardiff  which was definitelly a great idea.

Not only we got chance to be involved in various activities, but also we got time to explore St. David’s and its surroundings and later it was Cardiff that we could explore. Moreover, we got an opportunity we had never dreamt of. We gained an experience in various types of adrenalin sport such as: rock climbing, sea kayaking, coasteering and surfing which was a nice variegation of the project.

Acording to me, an opportunity of getting to know Welsh culture in reality is to be appreciated because experiencing is much better than reading about it in books or googling. Having spent few days among Welsh people, I have realized that they are friendly, happy, nice and very helpful people. Actually, that’s what makes me come back once again.

In conclusion, the project was really successful in all terms. All participants were engaged in all activities, the schedule was fulfilled and hopefully everyone enjoyed their time in St. David’s as well as in Cardiff.


Special thanks to Welsh organizers – Aaron & Dan who made this project happen and who allowed us to live a two-week dream! Many thanks to their partnership coordinators, expecially to EYCB and its coordinator Jana Parolková because without her the Czech group would never get this awesome opportunity. I would love to thank to the owner of the farm Rob, who created a great living conditions for us and made all the best for us within our whole stay. Lastly, thanks to all leaders of the project and all the participants for making this project so special!

Jana Procházková 

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