International Leadership Program for Resilient and Management-Conscious Organizations — Hungary


Visegrad Fund

Místo konání: Budapest, Hungary

Dates: 1—7 August 2022

Please read the info-pack.

Hosting organisation:  Youth Business Group

Czech team: Kim Anh Dinhová, Marek Berka

Project report:

It is my pleasure to take you back to the unforgettable week of my life. Me and my colleague Marek represented Czech Republic on V. International Leadership Program by YBG on 1st August. There were other representatives from countries: Hungary, Albania, Slovakia, Serbia and Poland.

This opportunity allowed leaders from different kinds of organisations to gather at one place and discuss topics related to their work experience. Thanks to the great YBG team and especially main leader Vanda the whole agenda was thoroughly prepared and brought a wonderful experience. We disassembled Presentations skills, Marketing, HR, LinkedIn, Lobbying and Strategy planning. These sessions help us to launch our own workshop which we had to present at the end of the whole project. During these sessions our cooperations and friendships started to build. It required a lot of brainstorming and problem solving which improved our soft skills.

From the cultural site, nothing was missing. We got our time to travel and discover Budapest by ourselves. The travelling throughout the city was pretty accessible. On the first day of our arrival we received a transport ticket so we could get anywhere we wanted. We didn’t try only Hungarian cuisine but also different types of restaurants in Budapest.That way we could find out what other cuisines Budapest can offer. We even got on a boat trip on the Danube in the late night from which we could see all the stunning sights.

What I like about this project was the chance to meet different leaders from different fields but also touch and learn these fields during the week at the same time. There are independent, successful, talented people who will achieve a lot in life. It allowed us not only to get to know each other culturally but it made our networking long lasting. We can rely on each other now and who knows maybe we’ll become potential business partners in the future. For all of us this was only the beginning. Now, when we are back home we can use our gained knowledge and make all the dreams come true.

In summary, I would like to thank EYCB for providing us with these amazing experiences and long lasting memories. I would like to recommend this to anybody who has a time and a drive for travelling to encourage yourself in international education.

                                                                                                                    Kim Anh Dinhová

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