International Leadership Program for Resilient and Management-Conscious Organizations — Hungary


Visegrad Fund

Místo konání: Budapest, Hungary

Dates: 1—7 August 2022

National team size: 2 participants

Please read the info-pack.

Hosting organisation:  Youth Business Group

Project description:

The program is built on two main activities: 

  1. management training during the daytime
  2. and team-building activities at night

Our program is for university students originally who are interested in building their businesses and trying themselves out as young leaders.

The goal of the International Leadership Program is to equip founders with the up-to-date, practical knowledge they need to set up and run an organization.

The courses approach general management education from a leadership perspective, relevant to everyday managerial decision-making. The founding teams spend a week in Budapest and attend full-day (6-7 hours) training sessions on management topics, followed by team-building activities.

The training series, which is consciously structured throughout the week, starts with a strategy course followed by training sessions for each functional unit (Marketing, Event Management, HR). As our student organizations are project-based, the training concludes with a soft-skill-focused Project Management training. 

The participants can participate in these training sessions. We are organizing team-building activities after the training every day where the participants have the chance to build new connections, meet the members of YBG and explore Budapest. 

As the main program for our V4 Fund partners, we are organizing a roundtable discussion event where the representatives can share their experiences regarding different topics for example youth development, leadership challenges, etc. 

Besideswe would like to invite the participants to hold a workshop session (3-4 hours) on a topic of their choice to the other partner representatives/participants. The topic of the workshop can be either management-related, soft skill-related or something that fits your organizational profile and could be interesting to the other participants. We will be in touch regarding the exact programs and topics of the WS sessions.

All in all, the participants should be interested in:

  • participating in the above-mentioned training courses 
  • being an active part of the roundtable discussion
  • building new connections with other partner representatives and the members of YBG
  • holding a workshop for the other representatives.

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