Interreligious Dialogue for Peace – Turkey


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training course

Venue: Istanbul, Turkey

Dates: 19-24 February 2016

Participants: David Rypel, Ingrid Šviderová, Šárka Gilarová

Please read the  info-pack and daily activities schedule

Participating countries: Turkey, Romania, Lithuania, Portugal, Croatia, Italy, Czech Republic

Hosting organisationBVG Projects

Project report:

Imagine that you are walking through the streets of Istanbul. You got trash in your hand and want to throw it away, but you cannot find a litterbin. You are getting upset. They are so messy here!

You cannot find litterbins in the centre of Istanbul because it is one of the safety precautions against terrorism.  The training course Interreligious dialogue for peace showed us among others, that we should be aware of our stereotypes and prejudices, that our perspective is not the only one. It took place in Istanbul, beautiful historical city, from 19-24 February. The participants came from seven different countries: Czech Republic, Romania, Croatia, Lithuania, Turkey, Portugal and Italia.

Our program lasted four days. First two days were dedicated to getting to know each other, presenting our organizations, exploring more our personality, rituals, identity, values. We talked about stereotypes, prejudices and in small groups prepared presentations about most widely practiced religions in the world.

On the third day we visited a church, where we were welcomed by local priest. He talked about Christianity in an Islamic country, about interreligious dialogue and tolerance. After it, we went to a synagogue and had possibility to talk with a rabbi, who informed us about local Jewish community. Then we visited mosque and got knowledge about a way of praying there. In the afternoon two visitors came to us. One of them was a yoga teacher, non-believer, the second was a sophist. They both talked about their way of thinking, perspective.

Our last day, we worked in small groups and prepared a handbook for youthworkers, which should give them basic information about how to work with a different target groups such as religion minorities, immigrants, refugees or local communities. Our outcome will be available on internet.

The project reflected really well diversity of live. We have seen richness of Istanbul, but also huge poverty of many people on the streets. We got to know different religions and different approaches to it.  Our way of thinking was confronted with different ones. It was really valuable experience!

Big thanks belong to organizers: Berat Esel , Filiz Aiselyand and Asuman Asmn and also to our sending organization: EYCB Břeclav.

Ingrid Šviderová

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