Into the Wild — Portugalsko


Program a akce: program ERASMUS+: Mládež, Klíčová akce 1: výměna mládeže

Termín konání: 6.—13. říjen 2020

Místo konání: Covilha, Portugalsko

Účastníci českého týmu:  Veronika Pončíková, Taher Kebab, Lucie Dušková, Pavlína Široká, Jana Biroščáková

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Hostitelská organizace: Jovens da Pesqueira

Účastnící-se země: Portugalsko, Řecko, Lotyšsko, ČR, Slovensko, Rumunsko

Report z projektu:

Another youth exchange is here. Let´s go to Portugal, meet some new people, enjoy amazing Portuguese nature but most importantly, let´s learn more about leadership and leadership styles. 

The name of the project “Into the wild” definitely had some similarities with the famous movie based on a true story. The project topic was focused on leadership and the goal of the project was to help us find a way how to become better leaders and define our own leadership style. We did this during different activities, where most of us had to step out of our comfort zones. Facilitators tried to push our limits to show us what are we capable of and sometimes we were really surprised. 

During the first few sessions, participants learned more about different leadership styles their pros and cons. We also focused a lot on teamwork, during most of these activities some knowledge, skills, and a bit of leadership was essential and that´s how we started to form and slowly achieve our goal. To find a leader in ourselves. 

One of the most amazing and valuable experiences was definitely the survival day, during which we had to cooperate, communicate, create, and finally survive all together a day in Portuguese natural reservation called Serra da Estrela. Divided into few groups our goal was quite simple – to survive. Some of the activities we had to do that day were for example to find a water source, built a shelter and many other activities that brought us even more together than any other session. 

What I also want to mention are great culture nights of all participating countries during which we danced until morning, tasted amazing local food, learn something new about Portuguese, Romanian, Greek, Czech, and Slovak culture, and had tons of fun. And last but not least, we all again realized that these youth exchanges give us a lot.

                                            Veronika Pončíková


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