Keep It Together – Spain


Programme & action: Youth in Action programme, action 4.3. training course

Venue: Puente Genil, Cordoba, Spain

Dates: 6-12 April 2014

Participants: Pavel Dvořák, Pavla Janečková, Tomáš Dvořák

Project report:

On one beautiful April Sunday afternoon, 26 people from across the Europe gathered at the Malaga airport and together embarked on what turned out to be a very intensive learning experience organized by local youth-in-action organization Membrillos por el Mundo. The project took place in a little city called Puente Genil in the heart of the beautiful Spanish region of Andalusia. 

The aim of the Keep it together project was to familiarize the participants with the main issues of migration within Europe. In particular, we focused on the reasons for migration and the impact, at its broadest sense, of migration on both the receiving country and the country of origin. We learned that migration has a deep socioeconomic and cultural impact on the society and, often irreversible, psychological consequences for an individual. Immigrants in the hosting country have to overcome various obstacles upon arrival. They have to learn a new language, find accommodation and a job, adapt to new working, religious and cultural habits and sometimes face stereotypes and animosity from the locals. 

The working group consisted of people mainly from Central and Eastern Europe. Many have already gained rich experience in working with immigrants or refugees which made the discussions more topical and interesting. The organization of the project was flawless. The program was very intensive but well prepared and coherent. Our team leaders paid great attention to getting to know us and assured that we got to know each other before diving into any team work and projects. 

During the intercultural night, every national team prepared a presentation of their country of origin. We got the chance to taste traditional Italian charcuterie and Romanian pastry, dance flamenco like passionate Spaniards, drink rakija like real Croatians and sing songs like Hungarian nomads. 

We are very grateful to EYCB for giving us the opportunity to represent the Czech Republic abroad and we are looking forward to organize / participate in the next projects! 

Pavel Dvořák

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