Let’s Act Against Environment Pollution — Turkey


Programme: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Aydın, Turkey 

Dates: 2—9 October 2022.

National team size: 5 participants +1 group leader

Please read the info-pack.

Participants’ fee (collected by the hosting organisation during the youth exchange): €25/participant.

Hosting organisation: Young Voices of Aydın

Participating countries: Lithuania, Macedonia, Romania, Czech Republic, Poland and Turkey.

Project description:

As an Erasmus+ Youth Exchange project, our topic is related to Environment Pollution. Via project activities we want to raise awareness for society and also to prevent environment pollution.

There will be indoor and outdoor activities in our project. We will do workshops, group-works, pair-works and we will use non-formal education techniques. Thus, all the participants will be active and will enjoy the project activities. There will be cultural nights to get to know the different cultures and different people.

All project activities are prepared after the negotiations with our project partners. Duties and responsibilities of each partner organizations and participants are decided, too. Participants are going to have meetings in their countries with their group leaders and will come to project venue with all the information and preparations.

Also, every organization will do preparations to present their country and culture. Within this scope, there will be presentations, dances, contests and also held cultural events. Also, thanks to the city tour, participants are going to get information about our country and city. They also will be informed about Erasmus+, National Agency and YouthPass.

The Project’s long-term outcomes are planning to be raising awareness about Environment Pollution, new project ideas, long term friendships and turning participants into a culture and tourism ambassadors. We will organize workshops, lectures, group-works, pair-works and social activities besides indoor and outdoor activities.

Participants’ profile:

There will be 5 participants and 1 leader for each country. The participants should be 18 – 25 years old. No age limit for the leader. The groups should obey the gender balance rule. Participants should be able to communicate in English. Each partner is supposed to take part in all Project activities actively. Group leaders will be responsible for their participants.

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