Let’s Act Against Environment Pollution — Turkey


Programme: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Aydın, Turkey 

Dates: 2—9 October 2022.

Czech team: Jiří Hrabánek (group leader), Ivana Valentová, Zuzana Drahotová, Štěpán Tomek, Václav Kasal

Please read the info-pack.

Participants’ fee (collected by the hosting organisation during the youth exchange): €25/participant.

Hosting organisation: Young Voices of Aydın

Participating countries: Lithuania, Macedonia, Romania, Czech Republic, Poland and Turkey.

Project report:

Arriving in Turkey was, for most, our fellowship of 6 Czechs’ first–hand experience. Some of us were more eager than others about what the whole week in coastal Kusadasi would bring us. Many things were planned as we saw the schedule for the week.

We met other fellow countries where each nationality consisted of five or six people. Thanks to the excellent work of one of the organisers Kerem (with whom I have already been to a project), we met others, even though it was challenging with more than 30 people. Some minor issues with Alex (the other organiser) could have been better.

Most days were relaxed as there were quite a few problems with our schedule. Either it had to be moved or cancelled. Nevertheless, we managed to present our country’s ideas about the perception of pollution or, with mixed groups, come up with ideas on how we can make the world a better place to live.

What I cannot leave behind was a day trip on a boat the majority of us went. It was a unique experience which brought us closer together as a team. It followed with endless culture night where we showed traditional dances and ate the best food from each country.

We finished with a tour of the nearby ancient Greek village of Ephesus, which has been here for more than four centuries. It was breath-taking to see what people were capable of doing.

Even though the schedule was more relaxed, and activities needed to be reorganised, we gained meaningful experiences that it is unimportant where we were born. We still live on the same planet we all want to protect. Some valuable tips we should use in practice as well.

Jiří Hrabánek

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