Let’s Break Stereotypes Draw Graffiti – Latvia


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Mobility of learners and staff

Venue: Daugavpils, Latvia

Dates: 19-27 August 2015

Advance Planning Visit (APV): 8-11 July 2015

Participants:  Jaroslava Pelíšková, Mahulena Krišková, Monika Kvapilová, Jiří Hrdlička, Jiří Čadek

Group leader: Kristýna Dumbrovská

Please read the info-pack and daily activities schedule.

Participating countries: Czech Republic, Latvia, Austria, Bulgaria, Romania

Hosting organisation:  Society „DAUGAVPILS JAUNIEŠU SAVIENĪBA” (Daugavpils, Latvia)

Project info:


I would like to tell you a short story, are you ready? I could never imagine this, but dreams came true. We have visited Latvia together with 5 Czech people and groups from Austria, Bulgaria, Romania and of course people from hosting organisation – Latvia. Our goal was clear – Let’s Break Stereotypes – Draw Graffiti and this is what we really did!

I would like to say big thank you to all people participating on the organization and as well to all people, who arrived from distant parts of Europe. Start of the project was about ice-breaking games and games for remembering all names of our new friends – all of the games were full of laughing and everybody enjoyed this first part, but what was the next?

We started to prepare sketches for our final project – graffiti on 3 walls on one of mains streets in Daugavpils. Even if some of us never tried to draw something more than circle – we moved in 2 days really close to our goal – represent our country by great picture, which will fully describe, how proud we are on Czech Republic. We learned a lot of about other countries, because of everydays national evenings, which were full of history, food and great stories from other countries.

Last days were full of trips and of course drawing, first time in our lifes – spraying on the wall and legally with full support of Daugavpils City. In two days we finished all 3 walls, which introduced people to Czech Republic – first wall was book character Soldier Švejk, second one was Bob a Bobek playing ice-hockey and finally the last one was big heart with Czech borders and leafs from our national tree linden.

These paintings were shown to people during final day of the project and we noticed big interest from local newspapers, this is what we really enjoyed.

In our free time we visited small ZOO, which was the best I have ever visited, there was possibility to touch lot of animals and I will always remember local guide Jelena – thank you for this!


I think, that we all would like to say big thanks to EYCB for this – it simply AWESOME! See you on next project.

Jiří Hrdlička

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