Let’s Get to Work – Great Britain


Dates: 10-18 May 2013

Venue: Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom

Programme and action: Youth in Action programme, action 4.3. training course

Pax: Tereza Cyprisová, Markéta Stonová, Michael Dubský

Project info:

Project LET’S GET TO WORK started at 10th May, when we arrived from London to Newcastle. We found the hostel, where we had meeting and because we were first, we waited for other. Then we moved to small village near Newcastle. There were about 30 participants from Great Britain, Bulgaria, Greece, Slovenia, Ukraine, Poland and Czech Republic, including also international trainers and organizations. This training course was based on our future job and how we can improve our performance. 

Accommodation was really nice, modern and with all equipment we needed. Every day there was program. There were four session and between them there were breaks – food/ coffee break. About the food? It was lovely and great! They cooked really delicious food, sometimes strange for us, because we weren’t used to eat sandwiches for lunch, but we tried other habits what was fine.

Sometimes during the break we went outside for a walk, because it was everything what we could do here. It was really separated from civilization and “busy” world. But natures with farms around were nice. We also could come to the close shop in the centre of this village.

After diner we usually had free time, which we spent with playing games, talking or watching movies. I also can´t forgot Intercultural evening, which was great. We tried a lot and everyone had great time.

Our last two days we moved to the centre of Newcastle. It was the best we could do, because we could see city, we went eat out to the restaurant and also we had parties in the club or disco. We really need it after hard work, when we did interview, CV, dressing, etiquette and everything what is connected to your successful job.

We left 18.5. This training course was very beneficial for us, because we learned a lot. We can use this knowledge, information and experiences for our future life.

I was very satisfied with this project and thanks EYCB to give me this chance to participate in this activity.

Tereza Cyprisová


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