LET’S MEDIATE — Training Course on Alternative Dispute Resolution in EVS (European Voluntary Service) — United Kingdom


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training course 

Venue: Worcester, UK

Dates: 2-10 December 2018

Participants: Alžběta Roučová, Peter Kúdelka

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Hosting organisation: Consilium Development and Training

Participating countries: Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Italy, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, United Kingdom

Project report: 

First several days of December 2018 we spent in company of trainers Marzena Ples and Ufuk Bal, cooperating on international project First ADR Kit, at Training course in small town in England, aimed on mediation form many perspectives. We were introduced to the basics of world of mediation mainly in the frame of youth work.  
We learned and used a lot of thechniques how to be sufficient in mediation between youth, young poeple, EVS workers or participants. We recieved also many new ideas about team building and group dynamics that we count as a one of our skills. Mediation is complex proceses with its patterns that is universal, so we learnd a lot how to modify this structure and fit it to problams that can appear in your environment.
As long as, we were hosted by city council of Worcester, we were close to see a lot of activities around, creating space for seniors, Christmas Beneficial Markets, dinner with mayor and locals, Tudor House Museum, we also visited Kidderminster, smal city nearby Birmingham to see their work with youth, refugees and seniors. Both this town councils are very supportive for any kind of public activism. Thus the weather was very very British and the program was very intens we had some time to discovery countriside in UK.

In the end, I will just add full poject name was Let’s mediate – Training Course on Alternative Dispute Resolution in EVS, during following days 02.-10.12.2018 in Worcester, United Kingdom with youth workers from Spain, Portugal, UK, Italy, Poland, Czechia, Malta and Bulgaria.

Peter Kúdelka

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