Incredible Citizen — Spain


Programme and action: Youth in Action programme, action 1.1. youth exchange

Venue: Puente Genial (Cordoba), Spain

Dates: 9-19 September 2013

Participants: Veronika Kůsová, Dominik Zehringer, Denisa Helmová, Alena Matoušková, Kateřina Jemelíková, Vladimír Matoušek

Participating countries: Latvia, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Romania & Spain

Project report:

¡Viva la España!

With 5 more people from Czech Republic we spent eleven amazing days in Spain. It was wonderful and unforgettable experience.  On the 9th September twenty-five people of 5 nations have met in Puente Genil, beautiful small city near Cordoba. The name of the city means bridge (puente) over the river called Genil.  Young people from Romania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Netherlands and of course, Spain live together in residence almost in center of city. Our activities about “how EU works” we did on near library. Project focused on elections in 2014 and its point was to get young people more interested about politics of EU.

But it wasn’t only about activities, during the project we visited some interesting places like Cordoba (most famous city in Andalusia with amazing mosque, which is the second largest in the world), Malaga (with many beaches, so there we could finally swim in sea) and Fuente Alamo, old roman ruins.  But most valuable experience was met the native young people from Spain. It was great to discover how they live, eat their typical meals, play with them on guitar and dance. We ate in local house with excellent chief (he was brilliant singer as well).

Each country had one night their intercultural night, where we had to present our country, show typical food, drinks and teach some typical dances. It was nice to get to know other countries in this way.

For me it was incredible experience and I am so glad I was there. I met many nice people from countries around Europe and our organizers were amazing people! I miss them, I miss everybody and all from Puente Genil.

Vladimír Matoušek

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