Let’s Play for Social Inclusion! — France


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Luc en Diois, France

Dates: 5 – 16 September 2017

Participants: Kateřina Jaremčuková, Lukáš Kindermann, Monika Ngo-Le

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Participating countries: France, Spain, Italy, Poland, Czech Republic, Cyprus and Estonia 

Hosting organisation: Détours D’Ailleurs

Project report: 

Luc en Diois is a village in Provence, surrounded by beautiful mountains, wild forests and clear rivers. In the village every house is built according to the Provencal architecture. When you look around, everywhere are lavender and wine fields. All the food you are eating is organic and from local farmers. Does is sound like a dream to you? For us it was a reality for two weeks.

Our training course „Let’s Play for Social Inclusion“ was held in Luc en Diois in the beginning of September. Beside us, a group from the Czech Republic, there were national groups from Estonia, Spain, Italy, Poland, Cyprus and of course France. But in fact, somehow happened that our group was even more diverse, and beside those nationalities, there were people from Latvia, Russia and Vietnam, Nepal. Our main goal for those two weeks, which we spent together, was to gain more knowledge about a topic social inclusion and to invent some games for children in local primary school to support social inclusion.

There were more various activities, through which we could get closer with the topic. We had three-days workshop with a professional clown, who taught us why are people laughing at the clown, how to make people laugh and how to make people feel the clown’s emotions. The ending of the workshop was a clown flash mob – we all dressed up and did our make ups as clowns and went to Die, where we improvised, made the citizens’s rainy day better and had a lot of laugh.

One of the activities was held by organisation, which is in charge of making sports events and activities for disabled people. We had an opportunity to try basketball on wheelchairs or laser shooting.

Beside the activities and workshop we did not have much free time because in the beginning of the project we were divided to 4 groups and every day every group was in charge of cooking lunch, cleaning, washing up or writing a report from the previous day. However when we found some free time between the activities, we went hiking to the waterfalls or exploring the village. One day we got a whole free day, so we went cayaking on the Drôme river, which was pretty dry for cayaking but we still had lots of fun there. After cayaking we tried to hitchhike to the venue, because it was about 12 kilometres far from the place where we ended cayaking. The citizens were really friendly and we got to Luc en Diois easily.

Every day ended with a national evening. Every participating national group had to cook a three-course meal, including starter, main course and dessert. Our Czech group surprised everyone with garlic soup „česnečka“, potato pancakes „bramboráky“ with mushrooms and as a dessert we served fruit dumplings. Beside this Czech food we had opportunity to taste for example Italian lasagna and tiramisu, French cheeses, Spanish gazpacho, Cypriot meat balls or Polish soup „žurek“. Last night there was not a national evening, but we did BBQ and then spontaneously danced on typical national songs around the fire.


Two weeks in Luc en Diois were full of activities, full of experiences and full of laughs. Thanks to the organizers and every each of the participants we spend time that we will never forget.

Lukáš Kindermann

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