Let’s Stop Bullying – Ukraine


Programme & action: Youth in Action programme, action 3.1.2. training course

Venue: Kyiv, Ukraine

Dates: 23-31 May 2014

Participants: Tufan Karatas, Simona Korčáková

Project report

What does training course “Let’s Stop Bullying” mean? Amazing people and trainers, activities and exercises which make you think and 30 degrees weather all week… That’s all was happening on Ukraine 20km far away from capital city Kyiv. Which other nationalities we met? Well, we have been quite colorful group. Aim of trainers was to bring together less people from each country but more different cultures. Because of that we were able to examine problem of bullying from many points of view depending on activity of government, local organizations or culture custom itself. From European countries were selected Italy, Lithuania, Belarus, Germany, Malta, Poland and Moldova and of course Czech Republic. Asia was represented by Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia.

It all started with intercultural evening. Ukraine group prepared long interactive presentation about their country, national dress, food and dance. Even though not everybody had so big knowledge of English, our common language became a body language. It’s amazing how people can communicate together only with dancing and music. We have also visited capital city Kyiv, where we were guided by volunteers from hosting organization. Even Kyiv is not some touristic destination, we could find there are lots of places, which worth to visit and admire. After those days all barriers were destroyed and we started to focus on our topic.

Have you ever been bullied? It’s not very easy to admit in front of others you have experience being bullied, but in our group we managed to be open to each other and try to look deep into problem. Have you ever bullied somebody? That’s question were we need to think more. You don’t have to say to other people bad things to be “guilty”, it’s enough when you see that this is happening to others and u don’t do anything to help. When we were talking about that topics, we realized how easily u can hurt other people, but also how easy is to help them. Trainers were teaching us how to talk about this problematic with children and what is right way to deal with bullying.

Get up, pack your stuff and connect traveling with fun, entertainment, sightseeing and education. Go on project 😉

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