Training of Trainers and Active Leaders – Poland


Programme: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1, training course

Dates: 12-20 January 2015

Venue: Wroclaw, Poland

Participants: Hana Křížková, Zuzana Husarová, Daniel Hron

Participating countries: United Kingdom, Italy, Malta, Cyprus, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic and Poland.

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Project info:

Focus group: unknowledgeable beginners
Project TOTAL took part in January 2015 in the heart of historical City of Wroclaw, Silesia. Most of the participants from 10 countries lived on former Jesuit dormitory which, as a premise, provided us with enough time and space to play all the games, to get know each other and also to indulge into the joys of eating together.
The training of the trainers lasted only 7 days but it was enough to gain more soft skills and intercultural competence than classical school gives us in years, and it also prepared us for months of independent work on future projects. Like following a storyline, we moved from real basics on who is a trainer and who is just a trainee, towards more real stuff. We acquired knowledge about the individual frameworks in which one can become a trainer, where to find partners (on SALTO!) and how to proceed with our carreer as a youth worker. In addition there were bits about project management and the pros and cons that a project brings, including finances – all real-life and practical info! 

To move from theory towards practice, we were assigned to create our own workshop, with little time given but with immense joy as everyone from us was willing to share their experiences – there were people from various walks of the life – translators, teachers, coaches, leader of NGOs – to learn from. So creating a 20min workshop was a capstone of the project and also a funny piece of cake with great outcome because of peer reviews! 

The Polish team were real nurturers and second parents to us, every our wish was fulfilled or granted, and we were given enough opportunities to get us acquinted with the City as well as with the participants, since sharing is caring and informal learning does not stop even in the middle of the night in a Karaoke Bar! Would you believe so?

Daniel Hron

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