Make Yourself More Employable — Poland


Programme & action: Erasmus+ Youth, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Katowice, Poland

Dates: 11—19 August 2021

Please read the project info-pack.

Participants’ age limit: 18-25 yo

National group size: 5+1GL

Participating countries: Poland, Hungary, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Estonia, Czech Republic

Hosting organisation: Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego

Project description:

The economic crisis that started in the second half of the last decade has created a particularly fragile situation for today’s young generation. The unemployment rates remain historically high, in the European Union at 6.2%. The Euro Area seasonally-adjusted unemployment rate stood at 7.4 percent in January 2020, its lowest level since May 2008.There is a huge unemployment rate in such countries as Spain (total:13,8%/youth: 32.8%), Italy (9,7%/27.8%), Portugal(6.7%/ 18,3%).

Youth living in those countries face difficulties in finding a good job. They are forced to do jobs they do not want to do, move abroad and leave their family or they stay unemployed living with parents. On the contrary, Poland (3.2%/ youth:10%), Estonia (4,3%/10,2%), Hungary (total & youth: 3,5%), Czech Republic(3,0%/5.5%) are going very well. There are plenty of job opportunities in those countries where the unemployment rate is lower, but the process we could see that is most satisfying is the increase of entrepreneurship among youth. There are more and more companies that are being set up by young adults (20-30 years old).

Also with the crisis in act because the COVID-19 that have impact the economy around the world and in particular in Europe, many young people are losing their job, have difficulty finding one and are really confused to the steps to be taken in the coming months and after the crisis, because the instability of the moment. At least one million people have lost their jobs during the past two weeks in Europe according to the latest data from the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC).

The project’s idea has recently come up by FRSP foundation’s teen local volunteers who being intrigued and interested in such topics as social media, entrepreneurship and start-ups decided to create and work out a common youth exchange project.

We want to:
● Enhance the employABILITY of the participants via formal, informal and non-formal education;
● Work orientation according with their values, talents and attitudes;
● Promoting entrepreneurship, especially social kind, to encourage the youth to take the risk, enhance the critical and divergent thinking to starts a successful career like a manager;
● Promoting European value like inclusion, acceptance, diversity, tolerance, non-discrimination, to make a positive change in the society in particular in the workplaces;
● Promoting tools like Europass CV and Youth Pass, Volunteering projects like Erasmus + and ESC like a experience and knowledge that increase the occupability;
● Promoting cultural awareness and exchange between different Countries as a way to open their mind, enhance creativity and respect other cultures and backgrounds;
● Enhance the soft skills and the digital competences in great demands from Management with a focus on the online reputation;
● Helping youngsters to deal with work problems due to the current crown virus crisis, making them more aware of the limits and possibilities and their own potential.

Project activities:

  • Workshops on content marketing, social media tools, project management, soft skills, and public speaking.
  • The participants will split into groups of 6 people and prepare the leaflet, Facebook page, and short videos together. There will be created a final video where the participants will be sharing opinions and knowledge they gained during the workshops – concerning the unemployment rate in their countries, in other Countries, and in general in Europe, entrepreneurial activities,
    especially social’s kind you can undertake to change the Position, to found yourself and to help others.
  • Intercultural activities e.g. national nights, games and ice-breaking games,
    sightseeing Katowice

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