Make Yourself More Employable — Poland


Programme & action: Erasmus+ Youth, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Katowice, Poland

Dates: 11—19 August 2021

Please read the project info-pack.

Participating countries: Poland, Hungary, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Estonia, Czech Republic

Hosting organisation: Fundacja Rozwoju Społeczeństwa Przedsiębiorczego

Czech team: Adriana Zálešáková (GL), Natálie Schejbalová, Daniel Hajný, Soňa Sičová, Nikola Styblíková, Matouš Sikora

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Project report:

Our exciting journey started on 11th August in Katowice. We met with 36 people from 6 different countries: Spain, Portugal, Poland, Hungary, Italy and the Czech Republic. We were all curious what the project Make Yourself More Employable will offer.

At first we were all strangers for each other and a bit scared. But wait for what happened at the end of the journey! For now, Let`s get back to the start!

The overall theme of the project was to make young people more aware of employability in Europe and at the same time help them develop new skills needed in their future careers. Thanks to the organizers – Aneta and Mateusz the whole project went smoothly and they passed on us their experience and taught us lots of useful things like how to write CV, public speaking strategies, stress coping techniques, how to overcome procrastination and also how to make the most of our personality and skills during  job interviews.

However, the employability was not the only thing we were focusing on. Since the project was international, we had to speak in English and meet with people of different backgrounds and mentality, it was necessary to learn to cope with it. The best thing we could do was to create our own rules for the whole project. Everyone liked the idea and it helped us respect possible differences among us. Participants of each country introduced their culture, national meals, some of them even taught us traditional dances. We had a lot of fun while experiencing new tastes, moves and competing in quizzes about those countries.

Apart from learning and thinking about the future, we had some moments to create bonds and relationships among the participants. We spent hours and hours talking, sharing and having fun. The whole group visited the city of Katowice and the Silesian museum. Aneta showed us the typical place to eat Zapiekanka (traditional Polish fast food meal) and also Pączki (doughnuts with filling).

The whole Czech team is really thankful for this international opportunity because we gained new perspectives and learnt new skills. Unfortunately, on 19th August we had to say goodbye and leave for our homes. Even though we are not physically together, we are in contact via WhatsApp where we share our personal lives and continue supporting each other like one big family!

Once again thanks again to Aneta, Mateusz, Suzy (photographer, volunteer) and EYCB for this wonderful opportunity. If you are considering going on the project, do not hesitate and apply right now!

                                                                                                                      Adriana Zálešáková

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