Marriage of Cultures — Portugal


Programme: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Maceira — Fornos de Algodres, Portugal

Dates: 13—20 June 2022

National team size: 5 participants + 1 group leader 

Please read the info-pack 

Hosting organisation: Associação de Promoção Social, Recreativa, Desportiva e Humanitária de Maceira

Project description:

The Youth Exchange “Marriage of Cultures” is a project aimed at promoting cultural diversity and contributing to strengthening the intercultural connection in Europe through presenting wedding customs that are traditional in different European countries.

The motivation to organize this project is twofold: one is derived from our perception of the wedding as one of societies‘ best demonstration of people, who often come from different backgrounds, starting to live in union and mutual respect, creating harmonious unity out of differences; the other one is derived from our perception of the wedding as a finest display of traditions existing for centuries, of wedding customs as one of the most distinctive marks of cultures.

The specific OBJECTIVES of the project are as follows:

– to promote cultural diversity on the European continent through presenting wedding traditions from different European cultures;
– to emphasize the importance of accepting cultural diversity through non-formal learning activities focused on breaking stereotypes and prejudice;
– to improve the capacities of youth organizations and competencies of youth leaders for delivering beneficial cultural activities in their communities aimed at promoting diversity and inclusion of young people marginalized due to their different cultural, ethnic or religious background;
– to stimulate European citizenship through non-formal learning workshops promoting the uniqueness of the multicultural EU.

„Marriage of Cultures“ is intended for young people and youth leaders who are interested in learning about different traditions and cultural diversity in Europe, and who are willing to become active initiators of efforts for saving and developing the multicultural character of Europe and breaking stereotypes and prejudice in their local communities, from Portugal, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Macedonia and Latvia.


Central part in this Youth Exchange will be the presentations of wedding customs from the participating countries. For this reason, each national group is required to be prepared to demonstrate the wedding traditions that they have in their country. Not through a video presentation, but these wedding customs need to be performed (as possible as it can be) on the spot in Maceira during the Exchange, together with the rest of the participants through something like a theater. Therefore, each national group is kindly asked to bring (again, as much as they can) clothes, music for dances, food, jewellery or other items that are used in their wedding traditions in order to make their performance and demonstration of those customs as vivid, real and memorable as possible.

As part of the programme of the Youth Exchange, we will also have intercultural evenings where you will have an opportunity to present other non-wedding aspects of your country, so again, please bring your traditional clothes, flags, music, food, drinks, souvenirs.

We have one more task for you: please prepare a presentation of your organization, since we are going to have a presentation of participating organizations, where we can all present and learn about our organizations, so that we can create grounds for initiating future cooperation

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