Media Shapers — Bulgaria


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Venue: Pamporovo, Bulgaria

Dates: 1—10 October 2022

Czech team: Ilona Tomkowicz, Sandi

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Hosting organisation: Youth development center-Mutual aid

Project report:

In our day-to-day lives we rely on many different media, be it for education, entertainment, information gathering or others. In this training course we learned basic skills in use of different media, some do’s and don’ts when creating for them, about the problem of fake and misleading information and we even had an opportunity to write an article for a youth web portal.

Later we did a series of workshops on the topic of visual thinking and graphic facilitation methods, including basic elements, steps and processes. ability to think and communicate. We learned to break down complex visual messages into basic shapes and symbols and created our own visual vocabulary.

The project was held in the Rhodope mountains, in the southern Bulgarian ski-resort town of Pamporovo. The organizers invited some local and international experts from the fields of Public Relations, Media, Graphic Facilitation and Visual Arts to facilitate workshops for us. During 10 amazing days we were taught basic skills in media creation, interaction and dissemination, elements of visual thinking and graphic facilitation.  I really liked that all the workshops were highly focused on practical application of the acquired knowledge.

From the locals we heard that the town we were staying in is teeming with people during winter, but it was almost completely deserted during our stay there. The town doesn’t contain much except the hotels, ski trails and unfinished construction projects. Working shops are hard to find! But the nature around is wonderful and there are a lot of opportunities for long hikes and walks. There is a small artificial lake around 30 minutes from our hotel and an adventure park on its shore. We also visited a big TV tower on the nearby Snezhanka peak and saw some beautiful vistas from its top. In one of the last days we had a trip to a nearby town of Smolyan. We explored around and visited a regional history museum and a waterfall. +

This was a great adventure and a positive learning experience for me and all the friends I made in this project. Thank you EYCB for giving us this opportunity, keep up the good work! 😊


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