Mindful Female Entrepreneurs — Spain


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Venue: Puente Genil (Cordoba), Spain

Dates: 8—14 March 2023

Czech team: Ilona Tomkowicz, Michal Királyi

Please read the info-pack. Please also view the Fb group of this project for more info and photos.

Participating countries: Spain, Czech Republic, Romania, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Croatia, Estonia

Hosting organisation: Asociacion Europa 2020

Project report:

This year, exactly on the Women’s Day, we started our journey to Andalusia (Spain), to take part in a project about female entrepreneurship rooted in mindfulness. The idea behind this combination was to increase our focus and self-awareness, boost creativity in business planning during the project but also to teach us techniques that we can use for the same purpose in the future. Together with representants of seven other countries, our Czech team attempted to immerse in the spiritual world, connecting with our ancestors and countries of origin through embodiment and eye gazing practices.

In between mindfulness trainings, we spent time discussing opportunities and obstacles for women entrepreneurs in our countries. We were provided with a safe space to share knowledge, tips and ideas. We learned that except for a few formal details, the situation in general is not very different between our countries, and the biggest difference is women’s approach to life.

Thanks to good organization, we were never bored in our free time. No evening was the same, and yet every evening was great fun. We experienced everything from a cultural evening to a drunken chicken parade to a bingo contest and a disco. And all this in a charming town full of nice, crazy people – Puente Genil. While most of the activities took place there, we also had the opportunity to visit Cordoba, a tourist city with historical sites. Our task there, in addition to sightseeing, was to interview locals about their perspective on the situation of businesswomen in their community. This allowed us not only to practice communication skills, but also creativity – finding English-speaking residents was quite a difficult task!

The whole project was a very interesting experience. The whole goup was eager to learn and we were teachers for each other. Those of us who were restless and looking for answers had a chance to find them. Those who already knew where they were going had a chance to help others discover themselves. The networking session yielded some inspiring ideas for projects and collaborations that can be developed in the future. It was a pleasure to be a part of such a well-planned and interesting event.

Ilona Tomkowicz

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