Mindful Leadership: Training Youth Leaders to Improve Their Leadership and Management Practices – Hungary


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Magyarkút, Hungary

Dates: 15-23 August 2017

Participants: Vojtěch Voříšek, Kristýna Cabalová, Nikola Dvořáková, Lucie Bílková

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Participating countries: Czech Republic, Hungary, Spain, Romania, Italy, Turkey, Poland

Hosting organisation: MOSTart NKKE 

Project report: 

I opened Facebook as I do every day. On the side of my home page I saw by the little letters, come to join the course Mindful Leadership. WOW that sounds really interesting! So, I saved the page for later, as I do with most of my pages. Few days later I opened it and decided to fill it up. Days come and I got to the project. I was going to Hungary.

As it was my first experience, while we met first in Budapest I was bit confused and not sure what to do. But in a moment, we started talking and I realized that this is going to be amazing week. After we accommodate in bit older “hotel” we started many common activities. The program was full of excitement. Days started by the morning meditation, every morning we were teaching by playing with our amazing trainers Zora and Buzz in the charge of the amazing Leader of program Kata! We did all range of activities, and trips for example to the mountains with program, trip to Vac festival. The activities were focused on leadership, MINDFUL leadership. So, we tried many roles of being leader, being lead etc…

For me, my first project in my life was amazing experience, as I met many people from all around the world I spent amazing time with Turkish, Spanish, Polish, Macedonian, Hungarian, Italian and of course our Czech team! I know I would love to see many of these people and I think we will meet.

Bit the last word I would like to thank EYCB Czech organization for giving as that opportunity, I must be hard work, although I don’t know a lot about it. So, I would like to thank to ALL who participated.

                                                                                                                                                                                             Vojtěch Voříšek

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