Youth Worker – the Modern Profession — Bulgaria


ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: training course

Venue: Sofia, Bulgaria

Dates: 12—21 November 2023

Czech team: 3 participants

Please read the info-pack.

Hosting organisation: Europe in Our Hand

Project report:

Erasmus+: Youth worker, the modern profession

Do you know what exactly youth work is? Do not worry, we had not known either before participating in this training course. Our project took place in the beautiful Bulgarian capital, Sofia, and we spent 10 days, between 12. – 21. 11, in the city. Not only the Czech group (me and two more girls) had the chance to enjoy autumn in Sofia, but also participants from Greece, Lithuania, Poland, Italy and Bulgaria.

Thanks to our lovely trainers Dzhafer Saatcha and Stamen, we had an amazing opportunity to learn more about youth work. We discovered more about youth in other countries, types of youth work, how EU youth projects work etc. There was also time for us to spend outside, where we could experience new methods of learning as well as play new games.

Apart from this educational, developmental program, there were also many really fun activities and workshops included. On Friday, a guided tour across Sofia was prepared, followed by dinner together in a typical local pub, where we could see Bulgarian real culture through their dances, music, food and drinks – an awesome moment of cultural recognition. Our artistic skills also were not invisible, because we had a seminar connected with art, our inner feeling, our personality etc.

Karaoke night, game night, shopping, techno party, and much more that happened in our free time are parts of this Erasmus experience that made our international friendships unforgettable.

At the end I can not describe how happy I am for experiencing these moments. I am truly grateful for this lifetime memory, which could happen because of our Czech sending organisation EYCB and our receiving organisation Europe in your hand. So, I would like to say big thank you for the whole Czech team,



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