More Mosaic 4 All — Georgia (June), Ukraine (Autumn)


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: multi-phase Youth Exchange:

  1. Activity 1: Active life style – Youth exchange in Georgia, June 3-12, 10 days. The first exchange in Georgia will introduce participants to active life style concept. The exchange will be intertwined with introduction to camping, outdoor and sport activities.
  2. Activity 2: Creative expression – Youth exchange in Ukraine, autumn 2019, 12 days. The second exchange in Ukraine will introduce participants to creative expression’s forms – in particular drawing and theatre – and provide them with methods of delivering messages and implementing own ideas through creativity and art.

Participants/phase: Daniel Tunys, Petr Jirků, Marek Hruška, Anežka Kuncová

Group leader: Petr Zahradník

Please read the info-pack

Hosting organisation: More Mosaic 

Participating countries: Belarus, Czech Republic, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Slovakia, Sweden, Ukraine

Project report:

Five of Czech participant arrived from different sides to a beautiful seaside town Kobuleti in Georgia. During many teambuilding activities we met with forty other people and made many new friendships. Besides us, there where our neighbors Slovaks, native Georgians, tough guys and girls from Ukraine and Belarus, easygoing Italians and Greeks as well as foreign organizers from Sweden. During the activities, we appreciated beautiful venue – big hotel with nice garden and beach, which was literally hundred steps away. We learned a lot about Georgia during a Paperclip challenge: task to uptrade paperclip for something more valuable. With our English, Russian and body language, we managed to meet a lot of welcoming people, who just gave us things for free. We also visited Mtirala National Park which seemed like a rainforest to us. Nobody from us has ever seen such beautiful nature. We even swam in a mountain lake! During our free time, some of us went to nearby botanical garden, which was even better. Pleasant shadows, astonishing views and delicious Khachapuri at the end. During the project, trainers prepared several self-development sessions as well as first aid training from Georgian Red Cross. All in all, we all enjoyed our stay, learned about other cultures during intercultural nights, made many friendships and got many many new experiences!

Petr Zahradník

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