More Participation More Freedom for Future — Turkey


Date: 30 September – 5 October 2011

Venue:  Alanya, Turkey

Number of participants: 4

Organizer: Alanya Municipality Foreign Relations Department

Topic: The “More Participation More Freedom for Future” Project aims to increase young people’s active participation to the local governments’ decision making process and develop young participants’ understanding of European Citizenship. Young participants will be encouraged to have a say and affect the decisions which are decided for their and their societies’ future by this project. Young participants will meet policy makers and share their thoughts directly in the international symposium which will be held in the project in Alanya between 19th and 24th of September 2011. Since the European Union has declared 2010 the year of combating poverty and social exclusion, sexual preferences, immigration, disabilities, unemployment, economy and religious exclusion will be discussed. During the 4 day’s international symposium, present situation, problems, responsibilities, legal implementations will be discussed by 36 participants from 9 (Turkey, Latvia, Malta, Lithuania Netherlands, Czech Republic, Germany, Estnonia, Italy) different countries with sharing ideas by young participants and policy makers. In this context, young participants will be more interactive with each other and policy makers rather than being passive audience.

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