My Body Is My Instrument — Turkey


Date: 23. – 30. October 2010

Venue:  Ankara, Turkey


Partners: Turkey, Italy, Germany, Nederland, Poland, Czech Republic, Bulgaria

Participants: Jakub Miklín (group leader), Kristýna Poláchová, Kateřina Vojtilová.

Project summary: The project My Body Is My Instrument which lasted seven days took place in the capital of Turkey, Ankara. As can be seen from its name, the main aim of this training
course was to teach participants how to use their body foremost in communication. At the beginning we played some  familiarization games to get to know each other names and then we discussed how to do sports without using any tools. Thanks to one participant who studies yoga we could try how a traditional yoga lesson looks like. In next days we focused on ways of expressing different feelings and moods by using mimics, we informed each other about gestures typical for particular cultures. Very useful was another workshop which aim was to learn communicating only by using body language, without saying a simple word. We really appreciated the effects
of this workshop during trips around Ankara. Within practical workshops and other activities like making and playing pantomime, making our own choreography we were
divided into international groups (rooms were also international), which helped us to integrate better.
Of course we had also enough time to walk around Ankara, to get to know at least some of many parts of this big 5mil city. Thus we had chance to feel and absorb the atmosphere of Asia. 🙂 From the most popular sights we visited Atatürk mausoleum (Anıtkabir) and Kocatepe mosque which was from hotel just round the corner.
We abandoned our new friends and Ankara really hardly, even when it was our first time in Turkey.

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