My Favourite Part of Maths Is the Equality Symbol — Germany


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Training Course

Venue: Berlin, Germany

Dates: 9-18 March 2019

Participants: Iva Černá, Michaela Dytrtová, Marta Slaninková

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Hosting organisation: Loesje e.V.

Participating countries: Tunisia, Germany, Lebanon, Poland, Croatia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Macedonia

Project report: 

Project „My favourite part of maths is the equality symbol“ took place in the capital city of Germany – Berlin. It’s a place full of life with many museums and cultural events and even though weather was quite merciless, we enjoyed our time as much as we could.

We arrived on the 9th of March to hostel Pro social and meet with other participants from eight different countries – apart from Czech Republic there were participants from Germany, Tunisia, Lithuania, Croatia, Macedonia, Poland and Lebanon. First day was dedicated to teambuliding and getting to know each other and then we dived into the project.

It was very intensive and overwhelming – we had so many discussions, received a lot of new informations, we roleplayed and we had a creative writing.

Most important for me was probably creative writing, because we could immediately see some results and give other people unaware of the problem of discrimination and global problems in general.

When we had some spare moments in this intensive programme we wanted to spent time together with other participants, shared some stories, dance together and make new friends. Lack of sleep wasn’t important – we had a karaoke night, intercultural night, we played some party games and even had a film night.

We shared so many interesting moments every day. I personally learned a lot about other cultures, even about my own country and most importantly about myself. I have to admit that I almost didn’t want to come back. This  group of people was just amazing, very supportive and full of positive energy. I would loved to have more of experiences like this in my life… 

Ivča Černá

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