NCIS: New Countryside Information Spreaders — Italy


Programme & action: ERASMUS+, Key Action 1: Youth Exchange

Venue: Alonte, Veneto, Italy 

Dates: 18 – 25 September 2017

Participants: Mariana Kroupová, Marek Doseděl, Hana Třešková, Robert Ach-Hübner, Martin Kašperlík, Lukáš Holub

Group leader: Kristýna Liptáková

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Participating countries: Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece, Italy, Portugal

Hosting organisationStudio Progetto

Project report: 

From 18 to 25 of September we spent very nice week in italian wine-growing region Veneto with other participants from Czech Republic, Italy, Portugal, Hungary and Greece. The exchange was focused on promotion of local area among young people and creation of cooperation of local people with foreigners. 

We had an opportunity to stay not only in one but in two places in the region. In Lonigo, small town with beautiful city center, we spent all nights in monastery and in neighbour Alonte we worked on all activities. 

We started traditionally with getting to know each other, expectations and continued with getting to know history and current situation of street art in mentioned countries. Part of the programme we spent with italian artist Mattia who organized and instigated creation of final output of whole week. We got the permission of city of Alonte to paint graffitti on one of the biggest wall in the city. Thanks to his enthusiasm we were able to work easier and communicate in group of almost 40 people. 

Whole week was concluded with traditional dinner in beautiful wine bar with presentation about the wine production in family business. 

During the project we improved our communication skills, worked on international dialogue and learnt how to cooperate in team. We got to know group of local enthusiastic youngsters active in culture and educational development in the area. Both italian partcipants and trainers were very inspiring and helpful during the whole programme. 

Kristýna Liptáková

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