Outdoor Europe — Spain


Programme: Erasmus+ Youth, Key Action 1: youth exchange

Venue: Coma Ruga, Spain

Dates: 2—10 October 2021

National team size: 4+1GL

Please read the info-pack & daily programme

Participating countries: Spain, North Macedonia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Romania

Hosting organisation:  AssociacioProgrames Educatius Open Europe

Project report:

The project took place approximately 100 km from the city of Barcelona in the region of Spain called Catalonia, in the part of Coma Ruga to which we crossed from the airport by train. Fourteen participants from the following countries took part in the project: Macedonia, Romania, Estonia and the Czech Republic.
The EY project focused on outdoor activities, ie outdoor sports games.
The normal day started in the morning after breakfast, the cook greeted us, Halo and we usually got breakfast: Baguette, jam, butter, cornflakes, apple, tea.
After breakfast, they started in a seminar in the game room to get to know each other, in a circle, continued other exercises to get to know each other.
Then followed the traditional games of the outside, games outside in a pine grove when it was pleasant, such as a game of hiding, unloading …
After the lunch, they usually went to the beach playing various games of football, volleyball, volleyball. . Then we went swimming the sea was clean pleasant for swimming the beach was sandy.
Before dinner, there was usually an evening meeting of group leaders and reflections on the day, satisfaction of participants, activities … what was better as little as possible. Dinner followed. there were three dishes to choose from, meat, pasta, fish.
After dinner, there was usually a board game, or a cultural evening
We had to prepare various activities, for example, the game of our country was chosen a game of “čorka” which consisted of collecting the tail “T-shirt” which was tucked behind the pants meant the “life” of who the T-shirt came
dropped out of the game, in the end some of the strongest guys remained, an interesting game, not only about strength but also about dexterity.
Another activity was, for example, to present my country and games known to athletes, we presented Antonín Panenka – football, Jaromír Jágr – icehockey …. monuments of the Czech Republic what I am known for in the world, culture, beer, sports.
On our free day we drove either to Tarragona and later to the town of Reus, which was close by.
The city of Tarragona set on a hill ancient city, nice streets churches monuments, nice views of the sea and the monuments.
 The second part of the people-headed to Barcelona, ​​which was about an hour away by train, visited the center and the football stadium of FC Barcelona.
The team of people from different European countries had a pleasant sports-oriented and pleasant team atmosphere,
project goals:
Emphasizing the importance of physical activity for your own well-being by practicing various outdoor activities
Promoting European cultural diversity through games and outdoor activities that are traditional in different parts and cultures of Europe;
Improving the capacity of youth organizations to provide beneficial sports and outdoor activities, the goals have been met. I liked the project in a nice place near the sea and many new sports games. 
                                                                                                                                               Přemek Kavan

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